Top 7 Google Chrome Add-Ons And Plugins

Google's web browser Chrome is steadily making its space in web browsing market. So far, feedback from the users is encouraging and this browser is giving tough fight to Firefox. Here are some best add-ons for Google Chrome web browser.

1. blurkMAC - Mac OS X Chrome Theme

Google Chrome Theme: Mac OS X

Transforms Chrome's appearance with a stunning Mac OS-X look and feel. Light on system resources and very easy to install.

2. Chrome Addon - Google Chrome Backup

Google Chrome Add-On: Backup

Google Chrome backup add-on creates, backups, restores and manages Chrome profiles. All history, bookmarks and related stuff are maintained very easily with this add-on.

3. Chrome Addon - ChromePass

Google Chrome Add-On: ChromePass

Excellent add-on for recovering passwords stored by Chrome. Along with password following information is also displayed. a) Origin URL b) Action URL c) User Name d) Field e) Password Field f) User Name g) Password h) Created Time

4. XChrome - Theme Manager

Google Chrome Add-On: XChrome Theme Manager

XChrome is a complete theme manager and installs different skins with a click of button.

5. Chrome Addon: Portable Chrome For USB Stick

Portable Google Chrome For USB Stick

Tiny version of Google Chrome ideal for carrying in your USB memory stick. Light and zippy with all core features of Chrome.

6. Google Chrome Dual View Plugin

Google Chrome Dual View Plugin

This plugin splits the viewing pane into two halves and lets you browse two sites simultaneously.

7. Google Chrome Plugin: PageRank Status Checker

Google Chrome Plugin: PageRank Status Checker

This excellent plugin adds the facility of checking Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank at the same time.

Google engineers are working towards full support of Firefox plugins in Chrome and we can expect the same in 1st or 2nd quarter of 2009.

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