25 Facebook Applications For Bloggers And Social Media Enthusiasts

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If you,re an avid Facebook user, probably you're already aware of Facebook applications. These extensions/plugins play a major role in enriching your Facebook experience. There are thousands and thousands of such applications that can cater the need of almost every Facebook user. Here are some handpicked Facebook applications that can help bloggers and social media enthusiasts to make most out of Facebook. Most of them are free-to-use and gives you different features for leveraging this popular platform. Professional blogger can take advantage of handy apps which allows them to promote their blog content quite easily on the network. One can also integrate other social media channels tightly within their Facebook account through these flexible applications. My personal favorite among these applications is the one which makes advanced wall giving added features facilitating better engagement with friends network. Do once try these useful Facebook applications to enhance your Facebook usage.

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NetworkedBlogs - It is one of the largest communities of bloggers. NetworkedBlogs app brings your blog on Facebook either on your profile or a page. People can share, vote, discuss or become a fan of your blog.

Social RSS - It's an excellent feed reader app with enough flexibility and customization options. You can import virtually every standard RSS and ATOM feed format.

Fan Appz - A great social media marketing tool for your Facebook fan page. Fan Appz is designed to create an engaging community around your fan page. You can integrate polls, quizzes, gifts and promotions for

Memorable Web Addresses for Profile Page or Group - The name says it all. Wanna easy-to-remember url for your Facebook profile. This app gives you several options to choose and build your own memorable web address for your Facebook profile.

Social Tweet - One of the best twitter applications that lets you tweet directly from Facebook. This application simultaneously post your tweet on Facebook as well as your twitter account. You have the option to display your tweet either on your wall or any other custom tab. You can even control which tweet should be posted on your Facebook profile.

Grader.com - This nice application grades your Facebook profile by analyzing your network strength and level of activity. You can compare and analyze your grading data with your friends grades to find out the vital factors that may help you in achieving higher grade (better Facebooking). This application also shows demographic data from various countries.

Eventbrite - If you're hosting an event and want to gather people from Facebook community, this application can do it for you with ease. With paid version you get the flexibility of branding your event promotion, integrated ticket selling with more customization options. Ideal for small businesses for promoting their important events on Facebook.

SlideShare - The name says it all. It's the best application to share your presentations and documents with Facebook community. All major file formats are supported giving you the flexibility to create your presentation in your favorite application. Creative people can also use it to host a webinar by integrating YouTube videos and audio stream.

LinkedIn - One of the best applications to tightly integrate your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This application lets you display your LinkedIn public profile on a separate custom tab. Ideal for job seekers, freelancers and social media enthusiasts.

Twits - A very handy application allowing you to manage multiple twitter accounts via Facebook. It not just update your Facebook and twitter accounts, but also lets you manage direct messages, replies and scheduling of tweets. You can retweet and unfollow tweeps through this application.

Slates - I've found this application accidentally and I must say it's truly amazing. Slates lets you create web pages within Facebook that can be used for almost anything. You can create a blog post, article, resume, sales page or just bout anything you can imagine. If used cleverly, this application has great potential to turn your Facebook account into a vibrant marketing hub.

RatePoint - Yet another useful application for social media marketers. RatePoint lets you create email newsletters, surveys, reviews and testimonials. It also links your twitter account with Facebook to share your surveys and newsletters with your twitter network.

SurveyGizmo - As the name suggests, this application can be used to create surveys, polls and quizzes on Facebook. The customization options are quite flexible giving your enough freedom to create fairly complex quizzes and polls. A must for bloggers and marketers with large fan base.

SocialToo - This handy application lets you manage/update your twitter account as well as any Facebook page linked with your account directly from a centralized location. You can also create vanity urls for Facebook pages through this application. SocialToo also provide statistics to track all activity on vanity urls.

YouTube Video Box - This is an excellent application to integrate and share YouTube videos on Facebook. You can either share your favorite videos directly from your profile tab or through your Facebook page. You can also view trending YouTube videos in your friends network all in a single click. You can also pull videos from any YouTube channel with public access.

YouTube Box - Here's one more application for publishing and sharing YouTube videos through your Facebook profile or page. You can maintain an inventory of your favorite videos with custom display settings for different tabs. Interestingly, position of videos posted through this application remains intact even if your wall/tab is updated frequently.

My Flickr - Do you use Flickr for your photo sharing needs? This application tightly integrates your Flickr account with Facebook. You can share your Flickr albums or selective pictures based on recent photos, tags, photo sets, favorites, groups, interests, date range, Flickr privacy and through various sorting options. Your Facebook network can comment on your shared photos without leaving Facebook.

Youtube Videos - Yet another application for sharing YouTube videos with Facebook friends. Apart from regular sharing features, this application has the ability to auto-synchronize your shared YouTube channels. You have the option of either synchronizing entire account or selective channels.

Big Profile Pictures - This handy application lets you show large pictures directly on your profile. You can upload unlimited photos and can selectively display them on your profile. You can also add custom captions to the photos. If you love to regularly change your profile photos, this application is must for you.

Picasa Tab - As the name implies, this application integrates your Picasa Web album as a separate tab on your Facebook profile. You can arrange them in groups and can hide your private photos. It's a very useful application if you're using Google's Picasa service as your online photo management service.

My Photobucket - This one is for Photobucket users allowing you to share your public albums with your Facebook network. Like other photo sharing applications, you can share and comment on your friends public albums. You can even obtain direct links to photographs without leaving Facebook.

Youtube Channels - It is one of the best applications to bring your YouTube channel to Facebook with all the loaded features. People can watch, comment, subscribe and can become fan of your YouTube channel. Ideal for internet marketers using YouTube for promoting their cause.

Friends on Twitter (fb140) - This handy application is must for all twitter addicts. Once activated, this application lets you find tweeps in your friends network and vice versa. People can search your twitter account and can follow you without leaving Facebook. Highly recommended, if you have a large friends network and want to grow your twitter following overnight.

Advanced Wall - As the name suggests, this excellent application adds some more spice to a typical Facebook wall. You can add it as a separate tab or as a box. Loaded with tons of options, you can add almost anything to this wall with impressive access control mechanism.

Super Slideshows - MagShow - A very cool application allowing you to pimp your photo stream on Facebook. You create create customized slide show, zoom show that includes custom themes, skins, maps and music. You can even set access permissions at granular level to control who can view your slide shows.


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