How To Keep Your Smartphone Running Smooth and Fast

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Smartphone user base has grown exponentially in recent years. The more these devices are getting advanced, the more is the challenge to keep them in good shape. Sometimes, our simple mistakes proves fatal reducing the life of our smartphone. With some simple yet effective tricks, we can make sure that our smartphone goes a long way in good condition. All these tips and quite easy to follow and ensures you can get more out of your smartphone with everyday usage. All you need is regular housekeeping of your smartphone's storage and few simple precautions. This way, not only it will function properly, but its life will increase by many folds. These tips are most effective when you make them your habit. A one time application can bring your smartphone back to the old condition where it is vulnerable to wear and tear. So, let's go through these simple yet extremely useful tips to make our smartphones work like a new one even after years of continuous usage. If you have some additional tips, do share them with us.

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Avoid junk applications - Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we couldn't resist ourselves trying out every application on it. This way, rather then making it a cellphone we inadvertently make it a testing device. Install limited and necessary applications that you are going to use regularly. Always install verified applications download from the original manufacturer. Installing cracked applications is one of the reasons a smartphone may malfunction.

Install mobile antivirus - Make sure you've installed a good moble antivirus software. If possible, before installing the application, download it on your desktop and scan it with your PC's antivirus. Desktop's antivirus has a large database signature and ensures the application is not infected.

Use battery saver - Battery saver application is available for almost every smartphone. Use it regularly to enhance the life of your battery as well as the smartphone. Battery saver also switch off unnecessary applications running in the background thus speeding up your smartphone.

Clean it regularly - Every weekend clean your smartphone thoroughly with a dry cloth. You can use a drop of liquid soap on a cloth for external parts to give them a smooth shine. Accumulation of dust reduces the life of a smartphone. Set a timetable for every weekend and give a 15th minute virtual bath to your smartphone.

Install anti-theft system - Although this is not mandatory, but does help in case your smartphone is stolen. Anti-theft system helps in tracking the location of your phone. I'll strongly suggest you to spend on this application, as it secures your smartphone to a great extent.

Do not overcharge - When charging your smartphone, make sure you do not keep it plugged-in for long hours. This may introduce some problems in the battery itself. Keep a look while charging and immediately plug out as soon as the battery is full.


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