10 Best Online Image Optimizers

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Whether you're a hobby photographer, web designer or a casual web surfer, images form an integral part of browsing experience. There are billions of images hosted on internet with varying sizes and quality. Imagine if all of them are web optimized how much bandwidth will be saved per year. Generally, images are compressed with various standard algorithms to reduce their size. You can optimize and compress your images either through desktop applications or with the help of online image optimizers. For general usage, I prefer the latter option because you can quickly reduce the size of image without leaving the web browser. All the optimizers are very light weight and works perfectly. I've handpicked some of the best online image optimization tools one can use to publish compressed images on their websites. Unless the image is really complex with transparency, save it in JPG format to get the best results. Do try all of the image optimizing options mentioned below and select the best one that gives you the desired results.

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Depending on the percentage of reduction in size, the quality of an image may deteriorate. All standard image editing software support some kind of image compression options.

Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer - I use it regularly to optimize images for blog posts. You can save target file in JPG, GIF and PNG format. The good thing is that it automatically generates from highest quality to lowest quality indicating the percentage of reduction in size.

Image Optimizer - This is yet another fairly popular image optimizer. Simply, upload the image, select the size and quality you want and press the button.

NetMechanic GIFBot - If you to receive surprises via email, this image optimizer will be your favorite. Upload the image with your email address and it will deliver the optimized image right in your inbox.

Web Resizer - It is one of my favorites. Web resizer provides ample options to tweak and adjust the settings before you generate the optimized version. Conversion is fast and accurate.

Smush.it - It's a fairly simple image optimizer that shows the summary of optimization work after compressing the image. You can either upload from your PC or can provide multiple urls at the same time.

SiteReportCard – Image Optimization - You can compress GIF, JPG and PNG images with this online tool. After uploading the image, this tools gives you different sizes of optimized image which can be downloaded as per the project requirements.

iResize - This excellent image optimization tool gives you an option to rotate images, set width and height and lets you adjust pixel and file size before the optimization process starts. I highly recommend this image optimizer.

Pic Resize - If you're looking for a quick image-resizing tool, this is your best bet. It's fast and quick and gives you various options to crop, optimize and resize the target image.

Shrink Pictures - Now this is even better. Besides image resizing, you can also adjust various optimization settings to get what you're looking for. This excellent service also lets you apply various special effects to the compressed image.

PunyPNG - This image opitimization tool is used by famous websites like Wikipedia. The interface is clean and quickly compresses all popular image formats. There's a limit of max file size of 150 kb/image.


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