5 Best Mind Mapping Software

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Are you struggling with your productivity? Do you struggle to get new ideas to boost your business? Why not try out a mind mapping software? These excellent systems ignite your creative intent and bring out the best ideas with ease. All you need is a good mind mapping software and a zeal to churn out some creative ideas for your business. Here are some of the best mind mapping software that can help you in generating tons of ideas in no time. It is used both by professionals as well as by casual users. Whether you're planning about a simple issue or looking to solve a complex problem, just open one of these powerful mind map software and get going. It's easy-to-use and one can get started with them within few minutes. Almost all of these applications are available for multiple platforms popular among users. If you're familiar with flowcharts, you can use a mind map application with ease. I'm using couple of applications mentioned and found them extremely useful in solving different business problems.

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Buzan's iMindMap - This is a commercial mind mapping solution made by Tony Buzan. It's perhaps the best software to brainstorm new ideas. I've used it once at my friend's desk and found it extremely helpful in visualizing and exploding your thought chain spawning countless ideas in no time. I highly recommend acquiring this software.

FreeMind - Written in Java, this impressive mind mapping application can run on almost every platform. With an excellent intuitive interface, you can create complex graphs with links and nodes to generate feasible solutions to your problems. FreeMind is worth trying out. It's free and very effective.

Compendium - It's one of my favorites mind mapping solution. It's unique 'Dialogue' and 'Argument' maps can help you present the most complex problem in an easy way facilitating N numbers of solutions to the problem. It's an open source application written in Java, so you can run it on all platforms.

XMIND - No mind mapping software list can be complete unless you don't include XMIND in it. It's open source and written in Java supporting mind maps, Ishikawa diagrams (also called fishbone diagrams or cause-and-effect diagrams), tree diagrams, organization charts, and spreadsheets. The interface is extremely good and help notes can get you started in short period of time.

VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) - And last but not the least is VUE. It's a free mind mapping application developed by Tufts University. This software supports complex visual (semantic) mapping and presentation modules with search and integration support with popular services like (Flickr, Yahoo and Twitter).


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