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How To Create Entertaining And Hilarious Fake Facebook Walls

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If you are net-savvy, most probably you're on Facebook too. In recent years, this popular social networking platform has grown exponentially adding hundreds of millions of netizens from across the globe. Facebook walls are like living rooms where interesting things happens on a daily basis. People share their professional stuff, discuss things in their life in general, chit-chat with their friends and of course, sometimes, rant about their personal grudges. How about creating a fake Facebook wall that makes your Facebook friends choke in a fit of laughter? You can do it easily through The Wall Machine. It's one of the best fake Facebook wall creation services available on the web. It's easy to use, integrates well with your account and provides user friendly interface to quickly create rib tickling Facebook walls in no time. If you feel some of your friends are in depression, use this quick medicine which acts as a stress buster. So, here we go to make some delicious laughter recipes for our loved ones and friends.

Fake Facebook wall
Whether you're a software engineer or a granny, creating a fake Facebook wall from this excellent service is like a cakewalk. All you need is images of the people involved (easily available through Google search) and a tickling naughty script. Simple upload the pics, and copy paste your rib-tickling script. Then save it and share with your Facebook friends. The popularity of your fake Facebook wall depends on how funny it is and how much likes (now that's quite obvious) it receives.

Pick current issues and add some spice to it and see how quickly you'll become popular among your Facebook network for giving them different reasons to laugh heartily.


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