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9 Best Facebook Social Plugins For Bloggers

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Since Facebook has evolved as the most popular social media platform, millions of netizens have made it a part of their daily life. Almost every web site or blog directly or indirectly is connected with Facebook either through direct integration of plugins or through indirect link sharing. In recent years, good numbers of Facebook social plugins have evolved to tightly integrate Facebook functionality within a blog. Here are the best Facebook social plugins for you. All these extensions can be easily integrated with a website without any complex technical steps. This ensures your site visitors can easily take advantage of this social platform to share and aggregate the content in a hassle free manner. To use these plugins, all you need is a Facebook account and a few simple steps to grab the right code for the respective feature. I'm using these plugins for several clients' websites and also on some of my niche blogs for getting more engagement from avid Facebook users. Do once try out these Facebook social plugins.

Like ButtonLike Button: It is the most popular and easy implementable plugin used by large number of bloggers. 'Like button' enables you to share content with your Facebook friends. The shared content appears in news feed with a link to the original destination. There are two variants of 'Like button' (XFBML and Iframe). The former is more flexible with more features and customization, while the latter is simple and easy to implement. The latter option is easily configurable with different styles and all you need is copy pasting the code at appropriate place in your theme.

Send ButtonSend Button: It's yet another popular social plugin rapidly gaining popularity nowadays. 'Send button' enables you to share your content to selective friends either through email or through a Facebook private message. You can also post it to Facebook groups and selective wall tab on a Facebook fan page. It's much more flexible than like button and enables you to share your content beyond the usual news feed wall. Generally, it is used to share content on fan pages and groups, which includes the images, title and description (short snippet) of the original content.

CommentsComments: It is one of my favorite social plugins now used by large number of blogs including some very popular blogs. Instead of using the blog's native comment system, you can integrate this excellent Facebook comment system to your blog, to let people comment through their Facebook login. All comments posted appear on their wall and of course on their news feed as well with a link to the original post. You friends can post a comment directly within the news feed which is automatically updated on the original post. I highly recommend using this excellent social plugin on your blog.

Activity feedActivity Feed: This is an excellent plugin to showcase how people on Facebook are sharing, liking and commenting on your content. If good number of Facebook peeps engage with your content, this plugin is a good choice to let other people know how valuable is your content and how people are disseminating it across the entire Facebook platform. This plugin also comes in two variants (XFBML and Iframe), and it's up to you which one you prefer to use. The best place to embed this plugin is sidebar or footer with multiple columns. You can customize it by modifying various attributes to fit your needs so that it can gel well with your blog.

RecommendationsRecommendations: A Facebook user may recommend a piece of content on Facebook which acts like a vote elevating the credibility and authority of a web site or blog. This plugin is the best way to show people's recommendations about your content on Facebook. If a person is logged in, this plugin elevates recommendations by friends else recommendations from th entire Facebook network are visible. Configuring and implementing this plugin is extremely easy. Needless to say, you can customize various options and appearance for this plugin as per your needs.

Like BoxLike Box: Unlike it's cousin 'Like button' , this plugin displays a like box displaying recent posts from your page, the number of people who have already 'Like'ed your page and an option to like your page without any need to visit the page. If you have a Facebook page with decent following (over 1000 likes), you must integrate this box to your blog to get more fans in quick time. You can customize it to your needs to display header, fans thumbnails and recent activity stream. Again sidebar is the best place to let people know about your page popularity. Implementing this plugin is easy and the results are awesome!

Login ButtonLogin Button: This handy plugin displays the visitor's friends who have already signed up for a blog or web site on which currently visitor is engaged. A login button is also showed within the widget to let the visitor sign up as well. The widget also shows the profile picture thumbnails to make it more appealing to the visitor, which are entirely customizable (1 or 2 rows) as width of your blog's sidebar may not accommodate the default settings. I'll recommend this plugin for blogs who have already gained some user subscriptions else this widget will appear empty and may eat up your precious space for no use.

RegistrationRegistration: I like this plugin for it's flexibility. 'Registration' plugin lets visitors sign up for your blog or web site through their Facebook account. If the user is already logged in, a pre-filled registration form appears to make the sign up process easy and fast. If the user is not logged in or does not have a Facebook, this plugin presents them an alternative way to sign up for your site as some users may not want to use their Facebook account to sign up for your site. Whatever is the case, this plugin is handy to gain some extra subscribers for your blog.

FacepileFacepile: Who doesn't love to show their Facebook page popularity? 'Facepile' plugin showcase the thumbnails of Facebook users who have liked your page or who have signed up for your page. This plugin comes in two versions. Either you can display thumbnails of users who have liked your page or you can display fans who have signed up for your blog or web site. You cannot mix both at a time and configuring this option is pretty easy while you customize this plugin. All it requires it giving the page URL or application ID associated with your Facebook fan page. If your page has a decent following, this plugin is a must to let visitors know about it to gain some more fans.


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