Google+ Introduces Improved Mobile Web Browser Interface

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Nowadays millions of netizens are using their mobile phones to stay connected with their contacts on various social media services. No social network can survive in the absence of easy-to-use mobile extension. Recently, Google+ has launched a completely revamped interface for Nokia, Blackberry and Windows phone users who generally use their mobile web browsers to access this fastest growing social network. I've thoroughly tested the new user interface on several popular mobile devices and found it comparatively faster than its predecessor. If you're currently not using this social platform on your mobile device, I'll strongly recommend once try and experience it today. Even if you're using a slow 2G connection, it'll work like charm. I'm sure this is just one of the mobile interface iterations and Google is going to further optimize it after monitoring the usage of this excellent interface. Do share your experience with the new interface and tell us how it has helped you spend more time with the growing social media platform.

Google+ mobile browser interface
The new interface is much cleaner and elegant with a new Google+ home screen. This home screen has a nice and streamlined collection of hyper-linked icons for streams, photos, circles, profiles and notifications. It also includes a link for help forums and a dedicated link for sending feedback.

The notification icon on home screen shows the number of unread alerts quite similar to the navigation bar alert system present in desktop interface. The stream has a new layout and design that's soothing to eyes with sliding comment options. Now you can also add your location while writing comments with a separate screen for editing your comments. The new comment system also shows number of comments, +1's and the number of shares a post has received.

What I like most is the mobile version of people search facility that let's you find and connect with your friends and colleagues easily. The new interface is light and works well with a general GPRS connection.


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