How To Schedule A Google+ Hangout

Hangout is one of the most popular features of Google+ used by large number of users. It's giving stiff competition to various popular group video chat services. If you regularly use hangouts on Google+ for business or promotional purposes, scheduling a hangout is the best option to get the maximum attention of participants.

Google+ hangout scheduling

Schedule Hangout is an awesome application that lets you schedule a Google+ hangout with ease. The entire scheduling process consists of three simple steps, i.e., hangout creation, inviting participants and gathering confirmations.

The process starts with giving a proper name to the hangout so that each participant can get an idea about the purpose of the hangout. This ensures only interested and relevant participants join the session leaving room for more like-minded individuals. If name is not enough, you can also provide a brief description about the hangout to clearly explain the purpose of the hangout.

submit RSVP

The scheduling section is extremely flexible that lets the creator add multiple date/times so that each potential participant can chose the most convenient time. Later on you can reschedule it to the date chosen by majority of participants. You can also mention the cut-off date beyond which hangout possibility doesn't exist.

Now comes the most important part of including participants information. There are two ways to do that. Either you can manually type email addresses of all the participants’ separated by comma or you can connect with Google Contacts to import the address book. Once confirmed, invites are sent to each participant with a dedicated link where they can RSVP the event.

You can also enable comments on the RSVP page to get feedback from the participants. This free tool is a must-have for freelancers and social media enthusiasts who're using Google+ hangouts on regular basis.

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