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10 Best BlackBerry Applications For Everyday Use

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Although Android and iPhone use base is expanding at exponential rate, we cannot ignore considerably large number of BlackBerry users across the world. This smartphone has successfully penetrated the business professionals' community and is used widely across the globe. No smartphone is good enough without supporting applications, and BlackBerry is no different. Whether it's a productivity utility or a social media application, almost every smartphone user relies on these small applications to turbo charge their phones. Here's a list of best BlackBerry applications that are extremely useful for daily use. Once installed, you can easily improve the workflow while using your Blackberry smartphone. Almost all of these applications are lightweight and equips your phone with the essential tools to get things done easily with minimum hassle. Freelancers, business professionals and techies will find these applications extremely useful and user friendly. Let's quickly try out each of these powerful Blackberry applications.

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BlackBerry Messenger - This is a must-have application for every BlackBerry owner. Apart from regular text chat, you can share pictures and videos with your contacts. Animated avatars and customizable chat bubbles makes the whole chat experience memorable.

Advanced RAM Optimizer Pro - Nowadays smartphone users regularly run multiple applications at one time. This eats up precious memory and may result in slow performance. Through this memory optimization app, you can free your unused memory very easily and can speed up your BlackBerry experience. It can be done either manually or the application can be scheduled to run at regular intervals.

World Clock Free - This application is a must-have for frequent travelers. World clock support large number of cities (over 1500) from across the globe. It automatically detects the time-zone configuration in your BlackBerry and displays city times accordingly. Its smart auto-complete search facility lets you find cities from its database very easily. You can also use large clock display for better readability.

Advanced Call Manager - This is an all-in-one solution for managing your incoming and outgoing calls. You can create different lists of contacts and can assign custom functions (busy tone, recorded message, call rejection) either to the entire list or to individual phone numbers. You can also create different profiles with custom functions for different time periods in a given day.

Pattern Lock Free - Apart from regular keypad locking system in BlackBerry, users often look for a more secure locking system that prevents unauthorized access to the phone. This useful application lets you lock your phone through making pattern on screen by sliding fingers. To unlock, you have to remake the pattern by sliding fingers on the screen.

Network Traffic Control - This application is ideal for heavy internet users. If you have a limited data plan, this application can save your internet bill effectively. Apart from regularly monitoring your radio, GPRS and Wi-Fi traffic, this handy application also alerts you if the usage crosses your specified limit.

WordPress for BlackBerry - If you own a self-hosted WordPress blog, this application can be a life-saver for you. You can post and edit your posts directly from your BlackBerry, while you're on the go. Make sure your web server runs WordPress version 2.9.2 or higher. You can also upload and embed multimedia elements in your blog posts through this application.

Dropbox - This is yet another useful application for freelancers and bloggers. Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting service. Now you can directly manage your Dropbox account from your BlackBerry. You can upload, browse and download your files and folders through this awesome application.

MaraTick - This is a powerful to-do list and task manager. Its intuitive and excellent interface lets you create multiple to-do lists very easily. Integrated calendar and dictionary makes the list creation task - a cakewalk. You can also create list templates and can also create copies of your lists with a touch of a button.

Advanced Device Locks - If you store sensitive data on your smartphone, then you must install this application on your BlackBerry. This powerful application lets you password-protect almost any application on the phone. This way you can protect files, folders, messages, contact lists, messenger apps, social media apps and much more. Simply select the object you want to protect and assign a password when prompted by the application.


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