4 Best Video Plugins For WordPress Blogs

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Embedding multimedia content in blog posts not only makes them sticky but also gives you more options to convey your message clearly to the readers. WordPress bloggers often use video and audio content within blog posts to enrich the text content. If you regularly embed video content in your posts, you must use a special plugin that make things easy for you. Here's a collection of 5 best video plugins for WordPress users. All of these plugins are quite easy-to-use and supports wide array of video player types and video hosting platforms. Video embeds done through these plugins run seamlessly in responsive mode too and work on tablets and smartphones without any issues. Almost all of these plugins support shortcode method to ensure even technically challenged users can easily embed videos within posts and pages. Some plugins also support use of CSS so that advanced users can match the video player theme with their existing website design. Do test these excellent video embedding plugins.

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VideoPress - It is one of the most popular video plugins used by large number of users. You can easily embed videos through shortcodes with lots of customizations. You can even add custom styling through your own CSS very easily.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator - This is extremely flexible plugin for generating thumbnails of locally hosted video content. It has lots of customization options and is ideal for e-commerce or portfolio blogs. You can also create custom skins for video player through this plugin.

Video Thumbnails - It is one of my favorite video plugins for embedding videos from various popular video hosting services like YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe and many more. You can embed videos from these sites in different formats quite easily. It supports one of the largest numbers of video websites with ample customization options.

MediaElement.js - This plugin is based on a robust and flexible audio and video library. It has a very powerful shortcode system that supports dozens of video and audio file formats. Multimedia content embedded through this plugin works fine even in smartphones and tablets.


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