6 Ways To Polish Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

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Businesses across the world are using Twitter to expand their online presence. They're using it for connecting with existing customers and prospects. Some companies also use it to provide customer service. Twitter is a powerful medium to generate leads through targeted followers acquisition and engagement. If you're planning to use Twitter for your business, you must formulate a concrete social media strategy to effectively leverage this popular platform. Here are some of the guidelines to turn your Twitter business account into a powerful customer acquisition tool. After going through these steps and following it on a regular basis, you will notice dramatic increase in the number of leads you generate through this popular micro blogging platform. If you can assign this task to a dedicated social media manager, nothing can be better than that. One can also refine and optimize these steps to craft business specific strategy to get more out of Twitter. So, let's get started and master Twitter marketing strategy.

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Create a dedicated team - If you want to succeed in generating revenue from your social media efforts, you must hire a dedicated team to look after your Twitter and Facebook marketing efforts. This step becomes more critical if you're providing direct customer service via Twitter.

Decide hours and time-zones - Your social media team must do extensive research about the most active time and respective time-zones of the most lucrative business areas across the globe. This ensures you're not wasting your time and money during unproductive business hours.

Analyze amplification and sentiment - Create smart Twitter analytics reports that effectively digs out your reach (no of retweets, network involved) and the sentiment (negative or positive mentions) on a daily basis. You must also create instant alerts for certain alarming terms that are included in tweets mentioning your brand.

Use Twitter signatures - If more than one person is handling a Twitter business account, Twitter signatures (employee initials preceded by caret symbol) must be used at the end of each tweet. This ensures that your regular customers are well aware of the person with whom they're talking.

Use your brand's hashtags - From the very first day, start using all the relevant hashtags with your tweets and spread the word aggressively among your followers. This ensures your tweets are visible widely across the Twitter ecosystem.

Watch and engage - Your team must keep a watch on relevant keywords in public tweets and should initiate conversations with prospects talking about problems for which you have affordable and easy solutions. This is an excellent strategy to divert customers towards your sales funnel through Twitter.


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