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How To Limit Updates And Accessibility of Any Facebook Application

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Applications are an integral part of almost every popular social network. There are thousands of Facebook applications used by millions of users across the world. Whenever you're using these applications, they not only access some of the profile information, but also access your wall. Similarly, applications used by your friends' access your feed stream wall to post updates. At times, you may want to limit the accessibility of these applications. Let's see how to block or limit the access for any Facebook application.

Limiting data accessibility - The easiest way to check and restrict data accessibility for any application is to go to 'Account Settings -> Apps'. You'll be presented a list of applications currently used by you. Select the desired application by clicking the 'Edit' button. This will expand the available options as shown in the image below.

Facebook application limiting data access

You can use the 'Remove' link to restrict the application from accessing your sensitive data. You can also use 'App activity privacy' option to restrict the viewer ship of app updates on your wall. For example, if you want that only a particular list of friends can see updates of this application, you can do it easily through this option.

Blocking an app - In case you're looking to completely block an application, the easiest way is to use the 'Block app' button on the application's Facebook page. This will completely unlink the association (if any) with your Facebook profile and will completely block any kind of access to your wall or profile.

Disabling app updates/posts - Sometimes you get annoyed by the frequent app updates on your news feed coming from one of your friends. In such cases, you may not want to entirely block the application, but would prefer to hide app updates coming in your news feed from your friends.

Hiding app updates

Achieving this is very easy. Simply click the drop down menu on one of the app posts, and click the last option as shown above. Once you've done that, all updates of that app coming from friends will not be shown in your news feed.


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