6 Easy Ways To Get More Out of Google+

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Google+ is undoubtedly the most successful social media service spawned by Google till date. After the experience of Google Buzz and Google Wave, engineers at Google have taken every care to build a robust and secure social media platform. Its user base is growing by leaps and bounds. Whether you're new to Google+ or using it from the very beginning, you may have noticed continuous feature and interface optimization. These features and tweaks ensure you can leverage this platform to the maximum. Here's a list of simple and effective guidelines that can make your Google+ experience rewarding and fruitful. After using this techniques, you will not only get more exposure for your online business but can also increase your followers by many folds. Make sure you follow these guidelines on a consistent basis to get the best result on Google+ platform. My personal favorite among these are the use of Google+ hangouts which can easily help you increase your network and presence without much effort in a quick time.

Segmentation through smart circles - The intuitive concept of creating circles for dividing your network into different groups makes Google+ a unique social media platform. As soon as you open a new Google+ account, make sure you create a list of logical groups within your network.

Google+ circles
Give each group a meaningful name and create a circle for that. Now whenever you add a new user to your network, simply drag him in the appropriate circle. This ensures your network segmentation is done in the right way from the very beginning. Later on when you engage and share with your network, things becomes much easy while exercising control over who should see what messages.

Branding through scrapbook photos - The scrapbook photos on the top bar in your profile or page has become a norm nowadays for almost every popular social media network. It not only helps in making your profile look better, but also gives you an opportunity to better express yourself and your brand.

Google Chrome Google+ business page scrapbook photos
With some intuitive techniques you can use this prime space to brand your company or startup quite easily. The example image shown above shows the scrapbook photos of Google Chrome business page on Google+. There are many other companies and individuals that create an appealing image slice to better portray their business and services through these scrapbook photos.

Making connections through hangouts - Video is one of the most effective mediums to connect with your audience. And that's what various social networks are doing these days by providing excellent group video chatting facilities to the users.

Google+ hangouts
With Google+ hangouts, you can initiate live video chat sessions with your audience in no time. It's fast, reliable and works seamlessly both on desktop and on your iPhone or Android device. While the hangout session is going on, its status is updated in real-time on the Google+ stream and people can join and leave the session with ease. This is truly a revolutionary feature that will enable small and big brands to directly connect themselves with their customers.

Expanding reach through hashtags & tags - Tagging is a quite popular mechanism to cite, quote or reference an entity on social networks. It not only provide link to the original source but also gives due credit to the origin.

Tagging in Google+
Fortunately, Google+ not only supports tagging through prefixing '+' symbol before the tagged text, but also supports hashtags which are quite popular on micro-blogging services. All hashtags on Google+ automatically link to search queries on Google+. This essentially means that your post containing hashtags can be easily found through Google+ search queries.

Digging deeper through Google+ search - No social network is complete without a powerful search mechanism that enables us to find other users as well as the desired content. The more refined and configurable is search, the more users embrace it. Google+ has a powerful search feature that digs deeper into the social network's ecosystem to retrieve the required information

Google+ search
You can filter out the information on the basis of location, content type and source. The 'Play' button on search result page starts a real-time content pulling engine that digs out latest updates for a given query. Whenever required, you can pause these updates. If you regularly run similar type of search queries, Google+ also gives you an option to save your queries for quick access at later time.

Finding great content through sparks - Google has the advantage of having a powerful search engine infrastructure that enables it to build useful products on top of it. And that's what 'Sparks' is all about. Generally, you have to leave the social network to find the content that you want to share with your network.

Google+ sparks
But with Google+, it's a totally different story. You'll never feel the need to leave your profile to find the desired content you love to share with your friends. All you need is creating a spark for a topic and it will be automatically populated with the latest and popular content on the web. Now choose your favorite piece of content and simply click the 'Share' button to directly post it on your Google+ stream.


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