8 Ways To Upload And Share Photos On Twitter

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Micro-blogging service Twitter has emerged as one of the popular social media networks used by large number of users for sharing multimedia content. Graphic content is shared in different ways on Twitter through different apps, clients, online services and APIs. If you're a Twitter addict and love to share photos with your followers, here's a list of some popular photo sharing services.

Twitpic LogoTwitpic : It's one of the most popular photo sharing services for Twitter. It has a robust API that can be used by 3rd-party developers to integrate the functionality within their applications. While uploading your photos, you can also add your comments that will be tweeted along with the link to the uploaded photograph.

yfrog Logoyfrog : This is an excellent service to share multimedia content with the Twitter community. You can upload photos, videos and links to the yfrog live stream that other yfrog users can follow. Its API is extensively used in various 3rd-party applications. I use this service through my mobile Twitter client and I'm pressed with its reliability and ease of use.

Twitgoo LogoTwitgoo : This is yet another Twitter photo sharing service powered by Photobucket. People can view public or user-specific feed to share the photo uploads on Twitter. Twitgoo API is implemented in dozens of clients and applications and is used by large number of users. You can upload photos either from your PC or you can paste the URL for direct sharing on Twitter.

TwitrPix LogoTwitrPix : Whether it's your webcam or snap taken from your mobile device, TwitrPix lets you share your photos very easily on Twitter. The TwitrPix iPhone app is loaded with several photo effects that can be applied to your pictures before sharing them on Twitter. You can also do basic editing to adjust the photo dimensions as per your requirements.

Twitxr LogoTwitxr : I prefer this application for adding location information to the shared pictures on Twitter. It supports photo sharing on multiple social media networks at once. You can use this excellent service on all major smartphones brands. Twitxr automatically adds the location information with each photo shared through it.

Tweet.Pho.to LogoTweet.Pho.to : This handy service lets you share photos on Twitter from your webcam, hard drive or through a URL. You can also use this service through your smartphone and can easily add your comments with each uploaded picture. You can also share your photos on Facebook through this useful photo sharing service.

Mobypicture LogoMobyPicture : This service is quite popular among social media enthusiasts. Mobypicture lets you share your pictures to multiple social networks including Twitter. It is available for every major mobile platform apart from the regular web uploading interface. You can also add your comments through web as well as from mobile during the upload.

Twitter's native image sharing optionTwitter's Native Image Sharing : And last but not the least is Twitter's native photo-sharing feature that lets you upload photos directly from your PC to share with your followers. These photos are also showcased in user's photo gallery on their profile. Large number of users prefers the native photo sharing option through web interface.


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