2 Best Photo Viewers For Android Users

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Nowadays every smartphone comes with a native image viewer; still it lacks some of the intuitive features that several 3rd-party applications support out-of-the-box. These 3rd-party applications offer better browsing experience for large number of files and offer some handy basic editing features. Some of these applications are tightly integrated with popular image hosting services and provides direct uploading and downloading of images from these web-based image hosting services. Here are some of the best image browsers for Android users that brings a whole new experience of browsing photographs on your Android smartphone.

Picasa Mobile - It is one of the most popular image browsers for Android-powered smartphone. You can get a nice tile-based photo browsing option with smooth scrolling. You can directly browse your Picasa web albums. This application also supports direct uploading of snaps taken from your mobile device and automatically includes GPS coordinates with each uploaded picture. You can also create albums in your Picasa account through this application.

Picasa Android application

Photo Mate - This is an advanced image viewer for Android users. You can view extremely large files through Photo Mate very easily. It also supports EXIF data display to know more about the picture. It also supports basic photo editing features and also includes file conversion facility. You can also open Adobe Photoshop's .psd files through Photo Mate. It also supports viewing of various raw image formats of different popular DSLR cameras.

Photo Mate Android application


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