5 Best Weather Apps For Android Users

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Frequent travelers often rely on weather applications on their smartphones to get fair idea of temperature & humidity conditions of the place they're going to visit. Android users can benefit from dozens of such applications for finding out latest weather conditions in hundreds of cities across the globe. Most of these applications are free and works perfectly with Android 2.2+ smartphones. Here are five best and free weather applications for daily use on your Android mobile device.

AccuWeather for Android - It is one of the most popular weather applications available not just for Android, but also for other popular mobile platforms. This application fetches the most recent weather data (updated every 15 minutes) to give you the latest predictions. It is available in about 23 languages and uses Google maps to display user-friendly updates. You can also configure it to display current temperature and conditions on your home screen status bar.

The Weather Channel - This excellent weather application has very intuitive interface and large user-base which itself tells about its popularity. You can get latest weather conditions on the basis of zip codes, city names and even landmarks on an interactive Google map. You can also get extreme weather conditions alert directly on your Android device through this application.

Sense Analog Clock - This is a multipurpose widget for Android smartphones that also provides detailed weather information. With over 150+ skins and several placement configurations, this widget presents ample customization options to the users. Apart from regular system information, you can fetch temperature and weather conditions for a given city. It also supports different weather information display layouts and also provides complete moon phase information automatically.

WeatherBug - This application has a very large user-base across the globe. The reason for this popularity is availability of real-time weather conditions from over 10,000 weather stations from around the world. This application can also fetch live pictures from hundreds of weather cams around United States. This application also lets you easily share weather information with your contacts.

Yahoo! Weather - We are already familiar with the excellent interface of Yahoo! Widgets. This same interface in adapted for Yahoo! weather application that makes it an excellent option to gather weather information on your Android device. You can view up to 5 to 10 cities weather information in a single screen through this application. You can also share weather information on Facebook and Twitter through this application.


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