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5 Best Google Docs Scripts For Freelancers And Professionals

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Google services iconsGoogle Docs is more than a simple online productivity suite. It's much more powerful and feature-packed than an average user may think about it. One such feature is 'Scripts' (something comparable to macros), that lets you perform complex and custom tasks with ease right within your spreadsheet. If you're already familiar with the supported scripting language, you can easily develop one for your own use. Fortunately, there are hundreds of pre-made Google Docs scripts that can be used instantly without any need to write a single line of code. Let's see some of the most popular and useful scripts that can help you gather more information and data very easily.

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Facebook Like Analytics - As the name implies, this excellent script can turn your Google Docs spreadsheet into a powerful analytics tool for content posted on Facebook. Simply provide the URL and it fetches the number of Facebook likes, shares, and comments. There's no limit on the number of URLs that can be checked through this script.

Embed Google Docs Folders in a Google Site - This awesome script lets you add access links to Google Docs folders right within your Google Site. This is achieved through file cabinets or list pages available on Google Site accompanied by this powerful script. Make sure your folder is not completely empty. You can also set triggers to keep the embedded folders list up-to-date with the most current status of files present in it.

Gmail Meter - This is a very powerful script that presents tons of data about your Gmail account. You can view numerous statistics like most active conversations, average thread length, longest thread length, the average time to reply, most active contacts, number of emails sent and received and much more. I'd highly recommend this script for freelancers who regularly crunch mails in their Gmail account. It can help them in getting a clear picture about their emailing habits to get things done in a much better way for increased productivity. You can access this script in the 'Featured' section of the scripts gallery.

Advanced Formatting - If you play with lots of data in Google Docs spreadsheets, at times you may be formatting the cells to segregate them in different groups. This script gives you some advanced cell coloring options that include gradient and alternate cell coloring pattern for better visualization. It's ideal for large spreadsheets with multiple column data sets in different groups.

FormEmailer - This is one of my favorite scripts available for Google Docs users. If you're using Google forms to collect data from your readers, clients or prospects, but find it very difficult to setup automatic email response, then this script is made just for you. You can easily set up automated email replies for your Google forms without writing any code. This is a boon for freelancers who cannot afford hefty email marketing fees.

Note: All these scripts are available in script gallery under 'Tools' menu.


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