How To Create Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photos In 2 Easy Steps

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Since the launch of new timeline on Facebook, users are finding new ways to leverage the real estate available on their profile or business page. This includes uploading of appealing cover photos to make the profile stand out from the rest. The combination of profile and cover page photos gives you an extremely useful option to tell more about you or your business at a glance. Here's an excellent online tool to generate appealing Facebook page covers photos in no time.

Facebook timeline cover photos

TrickedOutTimeline is a free online utility to make stunning Facebook cover page photos very easily. There are two photo effects to choose from. Either you can go with tear-off bottom edge cover photo including separate profile photo or you can opt for merged cover and profile photo for a slice cut photo effect.

Once you've chosen the cover photograph (ideally the size of 850x315 pixels), simply upload it and it is automatically cropped, sliced and re sized as per your selection. To download the prepared cover and profile photos, simply like the Facebook page of this excellent service and immediately you'll get download link for both photographs.

If you've chosen the first option (tear-off cover photo) you must upload a separate profile picture with a minimum size of 125x125 pixels. It is always advisable to upload web-optimized images so that they load fast when your Facebook page is rendered in visitor's browser.


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