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How To Showcase Your Latest Blog Posts As A News Ticker

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News ticker on a wallThere are several ways to display the latest blog posts on a typical WordPress blog. Some bloggers display them in a sidebar widget, some prefer to display as a list in the footer widget and some of us prefer to add a simple list just beneath the post. There's a more intuitive way to showcase our latest blog posts that immediately grab reader's attention. News ticker commonly found on news channels is a handy way to divert visitors' attention to your fresh content. You don't need to be a coding expert to implement such kind of news ticker on your WordPress blog.

News ticker on a wall

Latest News Ticker For WordPress is an excellent plugin that can be used to display a ticker populated with your latest blog posts right at the bottom of the blog. There is an ample number of customization options for this plugin to configure the news ticker as per your requirements. Here are some of the available options for customizing it to gel with your existing theme.

Custom ticker location - A web page element resembling news ticker is a powerful tool to grab reader's attention. You can either configure it render either at top of your WordPress theme or right at the bottom of every web page. Some website owners prefer the former while others are more comfortable with the latter option. This plugin lets you display the ticker on custom locations as per your choice.

Custom ticker speed - Human eye is a complex organ and is very much sensitive to moving objects. That's where news ticker comes handy. You can easily tweak the speed of your custom news ticker and can see the results over time. Whichever speed gives the best result (highest CTR), you can stick with that.

Toggle post title, author name & date-time - This is an extremely useful feature for this posts showcasing ticker. You can toggle on-off every post title, their author name and of course the publishing time associated with every post. Websites and blogs publishing news related content will love the date-time association with each news ticker item.

Custom post quantity - You can also configure the number blog posts to be displayed in the ticker. There is no optimal number of posts to be included in such type of tickers, but anything between 5 to 10 posts is considered good to display recent content.

Custom post category - This is one my favorite features of this plugin. Sometimes, we want to display a specific type of content to our visitors. Thankfully, you can choose posts on the basis of categories for this plugin. This ensures your post ticker is populated with posts falling into a specific category.

Custom themes & fonts - Every WordPress blog has a different theme. It may happen that the default grey news ticker theme may not gel well with your blog template. That's where custom themes and fonts come handy. This will enable you to make your post ticker appearance much appealing that matches with your blog theme.


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