3 Important Things To Consider Before Converting Facebook Profile To a Page

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Recently, I was trying to convert a friend's Facebook profile to a page and got stuck with a serious problem. Although we were able to revert back to the profile after lodging the request of migration process reversal, but still the original vanity URL associated with the profile is lost and we are still not able to reclaim it back. Generally during such migration process, the profile's vanity URL is transferred to the new page (which we required in this case), but that didn't happened. It was not the bug or any mistake from their end, but our little carelessness made the entire migration process a nightmare.

Here are some of the precautions that must be taken before initiating such kind of migration process so that you may not stuck into a problem like we did.

Delete/transfer any existing page associated with your profile - This is one of the most important step to secure your existing profile's vanity URL for your new page. In case you have some unpublished or published pages in your account without any vanity URL, Facebook will automatically select one of those pages and your existing profile's vanity URL will be gone forever. So the rule of the thumb is to either delete or temporarily transfer the ownership of all those pages (without any vanity URL) from your account. After the migration process is over, you can take back the ownership of all the transferred pages. In our case, we had two test pages in our account that resulted in loss of profile's vanity URL as Facebook automatically selected one of those pages and completed the migration process.

Backup your profile data - The second step is quite obvious, but it is often ignored by newbies. Although none of the wall posts, messages, photos, videos or groups/pages association is transferred to the new page, still this backup process is extremely vital. Your account backup process may take some time, especially if you have an old account with lot of activity.
Facebook account backup
Once you've taken the backup, it helps you in two ways. First, you have all the archived data to find any important information (post, message, photo or video) within your old account. Secondly, you can easily build your old friends' list and can join all groups including your favorite pages. This whole process becomes bit easy as you have the database with you to act upon.

Announce your migration intentions beforehand to your friends' network - This is yet another important step towards starting migrating of your profile to a page. After the migration, all your existing friends automatically become the fan of your new page. If you're not going to announce the same beforehand, they may seem confused and some of them may reject your friends request from the new profile. Sudden disappearance of your profile may put them on a search mission for the same. It is always a wise move to announce about the whole migration process at least 24 hours in advance on a weekday. You must also tell your friends about your forthcoming befriending request from the new profile. You must also announce that you'll be joining all the groups and pages from your new profile. The last step involves sharing the new profile's URL with your friends' network.


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