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3 New Improvements In The Updated Google+ Interface

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Google has completely revamped the interface of their fast-growing Google+ social network with some cool new improvements. It's much cleaner and streamlined than the previous version. Some of the Facebook features are also used in this new interface. In a recent interview, Vic Gundotra updated the number of users who've 'upgraded' to Google+. He also published an official blog post telling about the new interface and improvements. So let's get started and see what's new Google+ has on offer for its fast-growing user-base.

Flexible sidebar - In the new interface, all the primary navigation buttons are shifted to the left in a flexible sidebar ribbon. The new sidebar is much easier to use with large icons for each option. Each of these options is highlighted on mouse-hover.
Google+ sidebar
The good thing about this new sidebar is that all the options can be realigned as per your requirements simply by dragging it to the new place in the sidebar. You can even hide selective options by dragging them to the 'More' option. I would love to get a 'Shrink' option to further hide it on the left side whenever required.

Updated profile with large cover photo - Now this is something to talk about! The new updated Google+ profile now gets a big overhaul. Now you have a larger profile photo on the right side and at the same time can have two types of profile cover photos. What, two types of profile cover images? Yes, you read right, now Google+ has introduced two different options for uploading your custom profile cover image.

Updated Google+ profile page
  • Regular sliced photos - This is the regular sliced cover photo option that is continued from the old interface. For using this style for your profile cover image, your photo's size should be 625 x 125 before you slice it into 125x125 pieces.
  • Large unsliced cover photo - The second new option gives you more flexibility of uploading a single large photo of size 940 x 180 without any slices. This is clearly an answer to Facebook's large profile cover photos.
By keeping both options open, Google+ now gives you more flexibility in updating your best profile cover image. I'm sure large numbers of users are going to opt for the second option as it gives more room to send a clear message to your followers.
Timeline style updates
Apart from large profile cover photos, the updates are also revamped with timeline style boxes (speech bubbles) used in Facebook. These changes ensure that new users' who're migrating from Facebook platform doesn't feel alienated and the whole transition process is smooth and user-friendly.

New improved hangouts section - Since the launch of Google+ in 2011, hangouts were one of the most popular features used by a large number of users. It's fun, easy and an innovative way to connect with your friends. That's why Google+ has paid special attention to improving this feature.
New improved Google+ hangouts section
The new hangouts section brings a separate tab in the sidebar where you can join different public hangouts in an active state. This new feature is definitely going to increase hangouts crowd to a significant level. I rarely used hangout feature through the old interface, but now I've several active hangouts in my network that I can join immediately with a click of a button.


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