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6 Best WordPress Admin Plugins For Power Users

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As a WordPress administrator, there're dozens of important tasks that much be taken care of to keep the website running up in smooth condition with no glitches. These administrative tasks can become more complex if you're maintaining a multi-user website. Fortunately, there are several helpful plugins that make the administration task much easier than our expectations. Here's a list of some very useful WordPress plugins that adds more power to administrator's account adding more flexibility to easily complete some of the most complex day-to-day tasks.

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Adminimize - This powerful plugin gives you an option to activate or deactivate selective parts of WordPress dashboard, menus and other parts of the interface. This way, you can not only exercise control over user accessibility but can also clean up unnecessary options making more space for better productivity. There are lots of configuration options available in this plugin and you must try them first on a test installation before imposing restrictions on a live website.

Restrict Categories - As the name implies, this useful plugin can be used to restrict selective logged-in users from viewing, editing or adding categories. General visitors are not affected by this restriction and they can view content from each category without any restriction. You may use this plugin on a multi-author blog where each author is producing a specific type of content.

WordPress Backup Solutions - If you're planning to migrate your WordPress blog to a different web host, these plugins can prove extremely helpful. They take a complete back up of a WordPress installation that includes custom code, files, media and of course complete database tables. You can encrypt your data for secure backup through this plugin. They are ideal both for administrators having limited time as well as for general users who are technically challenged.

Editorial Calendar - This is a must-have plugin for multi-author blogs where lots of posts are written, edited and scheduled way ahead of time. Through a simple grid-based interface, you can easily manage all (under process) posts. To change the scheduling time, simply drag it to the appropriate date in the grid. This plugin works seamlessly with multiple authors and makes the entire post management task very easy.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode - Whenever your website or blog is down, you must provide a friendly message to the incoming traffic to make them aware of the reason behind the downtime. This handy plugin does it gracefully with a custom message and the latest screenshot of your site's homepage. If required, you can also add your preferred background image. This plugin fully supports multi-site installations out-of-the-box.

Trusted Only - If you're working on secret project or developing a site for a client, this plugin can makes things easy for you. Generally, after rigorous testing on a local server, the site is migrated to a web host where it is open to the public. This plugin lets you keep it accessible for selective logged-in users restricting it from all other visitors. Simply provide the usernames who are allowed to view the installation.


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