How To Create Instagram Style Photos Through Photoshop

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Instagram is a popular photo sharing application used by millions around the world. If you're using iPhone or Android, then Instagram must be one of the applications that is used by you on daily basis. It's not just simple photo sharing activity that makes it so unique, but it's the number of filters that Instagram offers to create old vintage style photographs that contributes in the popularity of this awesome application. If you want to create similar kind of photos (B/W or color) with vintage effects, you can do so easily through Photoshop image editing software.

Don't worry; you don't need to be an expert to create such effects in Photoshop. All we need is a specialized plugin made specifically to create vintage-style photos. You only need to install it and then with few simple steps, you can create stunning Instagram style photos. So let's get started and see how we can make such type of photographs.
Instagram style photos
In the image shown above, you can see two images with different textures. The one on left is the original photograph and on right is the transformed image with vintage effect applied through a Photoshop plugin. This plugin is free to use and has several vintage style effects. It's called Fotomatic and is made by Cybia Software.

Installation procedure - Simply download the installation file and follow the prompts during installation procedure. This will create a folder named 'Fotomatic' at the location mentioned by you during the installation. Copy this folder and paste it inside Plug-Ins folder of your Photoshop installation. Now you can access Fotomatic through 'Filters' option in the top menu in Photoshop.

Usage - There are total 8 effects available in Fotomatic plugin. I generally use FastFix and Skygrad filters for color photos and rest of the filters for black and white photographs. You can experiment with all and can choose the best one that fulfills your requirement.

Vintage effect filters

Filter dialogue window
Simply select from one of the 8 filters available in the list and you'll be presented with a dialogue box with drag-gable control bars as shown in the image above. You can drag these controls to adjust the filter's effect in the photograph as per your need.

Sometimes, you may not get the desired effect even after several adjustments for a given filter. The solution to this problem is simple. First save the snapshot of the closest match you require. Then open it and reapply the same or a different filter to further improvise on the saved snapshot. I've found this plugin working best with portrait and open landscape photographs. I hope you'll have fun using this plugin to create awesome vintage effect photos.


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