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7 Best Sketching Apps For An iPhone

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Among thousands and thousands of iPhone applications, certain types of apps are more popular among the users like social media and productivity apps. If we further divide each of these categories, we get some useful group of applications that are extremely useful for general users but the user base is unaware of their existence. One of such categories is sketching and drawing applications for different mobile platforms. Sketching in different ways on multiple devices is getting quite popular these days. If you're using an iPhone and want some good sketching applications, there are several options available to you. Here's a list of some of the best sketching applications for iPhone users.

iPhone app for sketching
Sketches 2 - This is one of the best sketching applications for iPhone users. You get tons of templates of clip-arts, shapes, and objects to quickly make an awesome sketch. You can also start freehand drawing for creating custom sketches either on a plain board or on an existing image. You can also pick different brushes and pens with a varied thickness very easily. Its useful color picker lets you select the desired color that makes sketches and drawings more colorful and appealing. It also has useful maps integration to create custom maps with handmade sketched signs. You can easily share your sketches made through this app on various social media platforms without ever leaving the application.

Pistachio Sketch - This is one of my favorite sketching apps that is lightweight and is extremely easy to use. It has a simple yet powerful sketch editor with a pen, eraser, color picker and many other drawing tools to create a unique sketch in no time. You can also import sketches from the gallery to speed up the sketch creation process. Its powerful export options let you share your sketch on various online services with a click of a button. This app is ideal for creating simple sketches for sharing with your team or peers while you're on the go.

Instaviz - This is a powerful app that lets you create diagram and flow charts through sketch mode. You can start with selecting the shapes, color, line style and thickness and can sketch the entire diagram in freehand mode. This app intelligently rearranges the entire sketch giving you a professional looking flowchart which can be easily exported either as a file or you can share with your contacts through different means. This application is useful for students, freelancers and developers.

SketchBook Mobile - This useful application is ideal for social media enthusiasts who regularly share photos with their friends' network. It is also a must-have app for photographers and web designers. Through this application, you can not only add tons of special effects to your photos but can also sketch custom objects and shapes within the photograph and can share it easily with your contacts. Large collection of pencils and markers lets you draw desired sketches and signs on the photograph.

Idea Sketch - This application is ideal for mind mapping while you're on the go. You can create flowcharts, mind maps, concept diagrams and much more through this useful map. Simply provide a list of words to this app (import from anywhere) and it automatically creates a mind map or a flow chart from the collection of supplied words. Once you get the diagram, you can easily drag 'n' drop the nodes and branches to the desired position to get your very own custom diagram. This application is very useful for business professionals who regularly prepare presentation diagrams while on the move.

Scribble - As the name implies, this useful application is ideal for drawing freehand sketches on your iPhone. Its powerful editor supports freehand drawing through simple finger movement to give you more control over the sketch making process. It's ideal for kids and students who can learn sketch making through this simple application. You can easily export your custom sketch to an image file or can send it through the mail to the intended recipients. This application is blazing fast and doesn't consume much system resources.

TypeDrawing - This unique application creates wonderful drawings from sentences. Simply provide the text in the form of the sentence and start applying various effects combined with freehand stretching and alignment to get a stunning sketch made entirely from the sentence provided by you. You can export the final result in various image file formats. This application is ideal for web designers and freelancers. You can also create high-resolution wallpapers through this application.


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