5 Reasons Wireless 3G Mobile Broadband Is Better Than Regular Broadband

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Millions of users access internet through a regular broadband connection. Although it's quite reliable and useful, but depending on the area and the service provider large number of users are not satisfied with their connections. This problem is graver in developing nations especially in rural areas. Sometimes regular broadband connections are unstable, are throttled or the customer support is in pathetic condition. This even happens with some big names in the market. Fortunately, there are some good alternatives for the same that works efficiently without any glitch. Wireless 3G Mobile broadband is one such alternative that has several advantages over the regular broadband connection.

First you must ensure that you're not buying a locked dongle that only works with a specific service provider. Buy a good 3G Wireless modem dongle that also support micro SD card. I highly recommend using an unlocked 3G broadband (HSUPA 3.75G USB Adapter) modem that works with any mobile service provider across the world. This way you can use just about any SIM card with it as per your preferences. So let's see some of the pros of using Wireless 3G mobile broadband over a pesky regular broadband connection.

Wireless 3G modem dongle

Flexible plans

Generally 3G wireless broadband plans are more flexible in terms of data limits and rates. If you're using a prepaid connection then it's icing on the cake. You can track your usage and the amount of data left very easily. There's no lingering danger of massive bills that may put heavy burden on your pockets without any warning. These plans can range from very small amount up to monthly bulk plans with fixed data limit. Since you get a 3G connection you can enjoy speeds up to 21 Mbps that may deviate depending on your plan and service provider. Good thing is this, that you can easily deactivate a plan and can switch to different plan without any delay. There are no long phone calls with customer support agent and no lengthy documentation procedures.

Works efficiently even in bad weather

Regular broadband connections are known to become unstable in heavy storm and rains. Frequent disconnection is quite common in these conditions. Situation can become worse if the wires get damaged from trees or poles that may fell due to thunderstorms and heavy showers. This may result in complete stoppage of the service till the wires are replaced or connected by the service provider. Thankfully, wireless 3G broadband works seamlessly even in heavy rain as tall mobile towers are less prone to damage. Rain doesn't affect the network signal's strength and keep your internet connection up and working in good condition. This is a major advantage over regular broadband connection.

Works with multiple digital devices

You can use your wireless broadband connection with almost any smartphone. It also works with desktop, laptop, tablet and many other digital devices. On the other hand, you cannot use your regular broadband connection with large number of smartphone devices. In fact, using a wire connection with a mobile device is not a convenient way to access and browse internet. You don't even need separate drivers and software to get it running on different tablets and laptops. Simply insert the dongle and it automatically installs and configures itself on almost all major operating systems including Linux and Mac.

Carry it anywhere

The biggest disadvantage of a regular broadband connection is its fixed state. You cannot take it with you even to your roof. On the other hand, wireless 3G mobile broadband can be used anywhere where you have service provider's network signal. You can carry your dongle in your pocket and can use it with your laptop while on the go. You can even switch to different operator with ease. It only requires change of SIM. This mobility gives you convenience of working anywhere and the facility to access internet even in remote areas. It also saves you space as you are not dealing with large modem with long telephone wires. Simply insert the dongle in your digital device and start using it within a minute.

Instant activation and deactivation

This is yet another big advantage of using prepaid wireless 3G mobile broadband. Regular broadband connection needs lot of lengthy formalities to get your connection deactivated and uninstalled. This includes application filing, visiting service provider's office and dealing with their support staff. But, with wireless 3G broadband, you can instantly activate and deactivate your internet connection simply by dialing relevant codes. You can switch to different plans while testing your usage and while determining plan's flexibility. You can even revert to old 2G connection very easily, if required. This kind of flexibility is non existent in a regular broadband connection.


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