5 Simply Ways To Increase Fans Engagement On Your Facebook Page

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Creating a Facebook page is quite easy and it just takes few minutes to get it up and running. You can also get decent number of fans for a new Facebook page. In fact, the most challenging task is to keep the engagement level of fans high on your Facebook page. I've seen several Facebook pages having a large fan base but devoid of any engagement. Generally, social media enthusiasts come up with different strategies to get more fans, but fail to deliver an effective solution that increases the interaction and engagement with these fans and followers. But, there are some very basic and clear methodologies to get these fans actively interact with your page feed. These techniques are easy to implement and only require your time to make a strong bond with your page followers.

Tagging is a great tool in your arsenal - Every post on your Facebook page gives you an opportunity to make a direct connection with your fans. Tagging profiles and other pages while posting such updates not only makes strong connections with the people whom you've tagged, but also expand the visibility of your update as it appears in their news feed too.

Tagging on Facebook

While using tagging, you must take care of certain things to avoid being marked as a spammer. Do not bombard your update with large number of tags as it not only makes the post illegible, but also makes it unnecessarily long. If at all you need to tag large number of people or pages, you must group them at the end of the post to avoid any clutter. You must also ensure that you should not tag people just for the sake of tagging. The context is very important while tagging someone so that it makes sense and both you and your fans can benefit from it.

Feature at least one fan or his page/content daily - On weekdays you must create a regular schedule of featuring a fan either by sharing his general tip, his ideas, his fan page or a piece of content from his blog or website. While featuring a fan, you must combine both tagging and links with images. If possible use large images with arrows and bubbles to draw attention of the readers.

Feature fan on Facebook page

You can also feature a blog post written by your fan and can provide a direct link in your post update. Keep this type of post up to a maximum of one each day and select each fan beforehand that will be featured next day. This not only increases loyalty among the featured fans, but also encourages other followers to get involved more actively with your page.

Showcase weekly top contributors - This is one of the best ways to encourage your page fans to get more active in sharing and exchanging content through your page updates. On first day of each weekday, prepare a list of fans that were most active during the entire previous week. These activities include likes, comments, shares, tags and much more. You can pick from 5 to 10 most active followers and can appreciate their efforts with a link to their Facebook pages or websites. This strategy brings positive results and you will be surprised to see the rate at which the engagement level will increase on your Facebook page.

Allow weekly shameless promotion - This is yet another successful technique used by large number of page admins to fire up engagement level on their pages. Every week or once a month, you can allow your fans to showcase their work, page, content or just about anything online to promote their cause or business. This can bring large number of fans to your page feed to exhibit their content or skills in front of other followers. You must actively watch this thread to filter out any spam posted by some followers. You can pick the best submissions and can further boost their visibility by posting a separate update for them.

Include polls, quizzes and questions - And last but not the least is the good old method of inviting your page fans to take part in polls and quizzes. It's easy to publish them and they are perfect for grabbing attention of your fans. But the success depends on what you're asking and how alluring or curiosity-arousing it is. Sometimes, it's not the question but it's the result which brings the fans to your page.

Poll on Facebook

You must research and prepare the most relevant poll or quiz for your fans that relates to them and gives them some useful insights related to the topic they're most interested in. Create a separate post to declare the final result of each poll posted by you. This way you let those fans know the existence of these polls that missed them earlier.

Even if you use all of the five strategies discussed above, they cannot bring the desired results unless you actively comment and engage with your fans. At least one page admin should play the role of the community manager by directly making close connections with the active community on daily basis. Its two way traffic and you must play your part for making these strategies successful.


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