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8 New Features In The Disqus Comment System

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Disqus team has come up with some cool new features that make this popular 3rd party comment system much more powerful and feature-packed than ever before. I'm using it on this blog and never experienced a single issue with it. Recently, I've upgraded to the new Disqus system and found it much more easy and flexible than its predecessor. You can use this comment system on all popular publishing platforms including WordPress. Publishers who're already using the old version can upgrade to the new improved version with a single click from within their Disqus account dashboard. So let's see each of these new features that can liven up interaction and engagement between you and your site visitors.

New look 'n' feel - Without any doubt, this is one of the major enhancements in the new improved Disqus comment system. It's not just about the appearance, but the overall integration of every single feature in an optimized way is what makes the new system much more user-friendly. Now you can choose from different combinations of themes and colors that will look good with your current website's or blog's theme.

Disqus new improved themes

The most striking difference between the old and the new layout is the responsiveness of each of every new theme. Whether your visitors are using it on a desktop, on a tablet device or on their smartphones, each Disqus thread adjusts itself automatically according to the screen dimensions to give the most pleasing experience to the visitors. You don't need to add any extra code to make it responsive. It's flexible and lightning-fast out-of-the-box.

User reputation system - This is a completely new feature introduced in the new comment system. Disqus has a large community of users where some are not only most active but also leave high quality comments on diverse range of websites. There are other users too who generally like to leave low quality (spammy) comments on targeted websites. This broadly categorizes Disqus users in different categories entirely based on their actual usage of the comment system.

Disqus user reputation system

Disqus has introduced three reputation levels - High, Average and Low. Every new user starts with a reputation of 'Average' and gradually shifts, either way, depending on the way the comments and gets reactions from other users. A user having 'High' reputation clearly suggests that he gets numerous votes from the community and is well known to spark high-quality discussions on various threads across the entire Disqus ecosystem. On the other hand, a user with 'Low' reputation clearly indicates that his comments are generally flagged by other users and administrators. This new system also helps in easy moderation of the comments.

Real-time user activity reporting - Very few comment systems incorporate instant messaging like features to help users exchange ideas and opinions more easily and quickly. Disqus now supports real-time user activity reporting within the comment thread. This activity shows you users currently typing comments on the currently active thread at your end.

Real-time user activity in Disqus

Within a single comment thread, now you can view user activity of multiple users on different comments and nested replies. If multiple users are replying to a single comment at the same time you can see their activity in real-time within that comment. This helps in getting quick replies from one another as the users wait for the reaction once they detect the activity at the other end. This dramatically increases the quality of conversations and helps in making a stronger bond with the community members.

Powerful discovery box - This is like a 'Related Content' widget on steroids. Disqus system actively crawls your site to find the most interesting and engaging content on your site. Discovery box is dynamic in nature and populates automatically at the end of the comment thread. It contains the most relevant posts on your blog or website that may attract the attention of the visitors.

Disqus discovery box

The selection of these posts depends on various factors like the discussion going on in the current thread and the most relevant content that matches the topic of the current post. Remember, this discovery box may or may not appear on a given webpage as it entirely depends on the algorithms that choose whether to select and display any content or not. Blogs or websites having a small amount of content or who's new to Disqus system may not find this discovery box unless they accumulate enough interesting content for the community.

In-built analytics - This is one of my favorite features of the new Disqus system. I'm always fascinated with web analytics systems and now we have that in this new version. It's like a personal Google analytics system for your Disqus implementation. Again you don't have to add some extra code to get this functionality. Simple upgrade from within the dashboard activates this powerful and handy feature almost instantly.

Disqus analytcis

You not only get detailed timeline based activity graph of users but also gets various useful pie charts to better visualize various trends and important data related to the users active on your website. You can also visualize this data on daily, weekly and on monthly basis. The analytics module also gives you deeper insights into most active users, most popular comments, and similar interesting details. If required, you can also export the analytics data in different popular formats that suit your needs.

Tight social media integration - This newer version includes more extensive and deep social media integration within the comment system. Apart from regular multiple social sign-in options, now users can share individual user reactions directly from within the comment thread. You never need to copy paste the user comments to your favorite third-party client to Tweet or post it to your favorite social media platform.

Disqus social media integration

Simply click the 'Share' button and you'll be presented with various popular social sharing options through a horizontal sliding menu. If you're already logged in your favorite social network, sharing reactions on new Disqus threads just takes one single click. In other words, you not only can comment easily on the thread but can also Tweet your own comments or some other reactions directly from within the Disqus system at the same time. It just requires one-time authentication and you're ready to disperse your comments posted on Disqus system to the entire social media ecosystem.

On-site community feature - Logged-in Disqus users can take advantage of this excellent feature to the fullest by finding most engaging discussion threads along with top users on a given website. Once you've landed on a new website with the new Disqus system, simply press the 'Community' tab to get the most recent and active discussion threads on that website. You also get the list of the most active commenters to make a strong connection with them.

Disqus community tab

You can browse through all the active threads and dive into one of them for an engaging session with the lively community on that discussion thread. Since this tab is populated dynamically, you get the most relevant discussions that match with the current webpage on which you've landed. The 'Top Commenters ' section is a boon for active users who like to create a strong network of like-minded people. I find this feature extremely helpful in finding the most popular posts on a blog that have received the greater attention of the Disqus community.

Inline profile cards with 'Follow' option - Disqus profiles are there since the very beginning. But this new improved version takes them to the next level of social networking within the comment system. Now whenever you hover your mouse cursor on the name of any user, a profile card pops up with a 'Follow' option accompanied by some user statistics and a link to the extended profile box.

Disqus profile cards

Now you can follow the updates of any user through this useful option and can engage in discussion with him whenever you find an interesting debate initiated by that user. These profile cards also provide a summary of the user activity and the number of votes he has received so far. This gives you a fair idea about his activity on the comment system. To get a detailed picture of any user, you can use the 'Full profile' link present on the bottom right of the profile card. This can be used to view complete profile of a new or suspicious user.


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