How To Get Most Out of Quora

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There are several community driven knowledge base or question/answer web sites that generate massive amounts of content entirely from the user base. Among them, Quora is perhaps the best one among its competitors. This excellent web site lets you build authority by answering questions asked in different categories by the community. It's very addictive and rapidly increases your authority bringing you among the top influencers within your domain. The more you contribute, the more you benefit. But, you must take care of some of the most important things to apply your time and energy in the right direction to avail the maximum benefits from this popular community driven content powerhouse.

Complete your profile - This is applicable for almost all online services supporting account profiles. You must clearly mention your area of expertise and must choose the topics or interests you love to explore. Use your latest photograph and complete the profile tagline to clearly showcase your expertise.

Follow relevant users - Connecting with like minded people on community driven web sites is a must to exchange ideas and suggestions. This also ensures that you're spending your time fruitfully with the right people. Quora has a powerful internal search engine to find almost anything. Use it liberally to find like-minded peers. You can also connect your Facebook or Twitter account to find your friends on Quora.

Use tags liberally - This is a powerful feature to cite, quote or link to resources or profiles. You must use this feature intelligently to credit people for their contribution. This way you can not only increase your network rapidly, but will also help in increasing the visibility of your content. Make sure you do not overdo it, else it will appear as a spam and it may annoy some users.

Vote up good answers - One common mistake done by new Quora users is to restrict themselves from voting up really good answers. You must use this excellent power in an unbiased way to help promote good content for the benefit of the entire community. This not only helps you connect with good contributors but you also make the entire ecosystem healthy by promoting the best content.

Don't ask just for the sake of asking - Questions and answers are the life and blood of Quora. Sometimes, new users bombard their stream with countless questions without paying attention to the relevance or quality of the question. This way you can only earn the tag of the spammer. Only publish your question, if you've something worth asking that has not been asked before on Quora. Keep it simple, unambiguous and precise, so that maximum users can answer it easily.

Follow-up answers & suggest improvements - Sometimes users do not bother about the incoming answers after posting a question. This is like a suicidal tendency, as it will ensure that no user responds to your future questions. Religiously follow the answers and up vote the best to raise the quality of the entire thread. You can also suggest improvements to newly posted questions adding more depth and information to the description and summaries.

Follow & create relevant boards - This is a powerful content curation tool on Quora. Find some of the best boards in your niche and let the most useful information flow in your stream. You can also create your own board to collect information and links from other users. Keep your board public for maximum eyeballs and make sure it is not spammed by anyone.

Follow topics at the macro level - This is perhaps the best way to find relevant information related to your niche. Whenever you follow any topic on Quora, almost anything related to that topic (question, board, profile) is picked up in your topic specific stream. This lets you mine tons of information on Quora without much effort.


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