9 Best Ad Blocking Plugins For Firefox Users

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Advertisement is one of the most prominent marketing channels on internet and is used heavily by businesses, marketers, freelancers and individuals. These advertisements come in various forms and often make the web page sluggish eating up your precious bandwidth. Some users simply love these adverts while others resist or ignore them. Large number of internet users does not want to see these advertisements while surfing the web. Firefox users can easily block these advertisements through various plugins. These plugins effectively blocks over 90% of advertisements found on web pages and makes your browsing experience fast and uncluttered. If you're planning to use one of these ad-blocking plugins, here's a list of select plugins that will make your web pages ad-free.

Adblock Plus - It's the most popular ad blocking plugin with millions of users across the world. You don't even need to restart Firefox once it is installed. There's no complex setup that needs to be done. Simply install it and forget it. It efficiently blocks almost all adverts without putting any adverse effect on the page download speed. I prefer and use this plugin during design and testing.

Webmail Ad Blocker - If you're annoyed by frequent appearance of advertisements in Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail, then this plugin is a boon for you. Once installed and activated, it effectively blocks all adverts appearing in the web-based dashboard of these popular email services. This makes your email processing experience much productive and fast.

Ad Killer - This unique and intuitive plugin lets users disable or block selective ads based on their experience and choice. Instead of blocking all the ads in one go, it gives the opportunity to block only those ads that are annoying for the web surfers. This approach is much suited for those Firefox users who do not want to block certain ads, but still want to get rid from specific type of advertisements.

Ad Limiter - Nowadays almost all major search engines show CPC adverts beside search results. This plugin blocks all these advertisements leaving the best one appear beside the results. The best ad is picked on the basis of SiteTruth ratings. You can get the business details of the company associated with the ad simply by hovering the mouse on the ratings icon. This plugin works seamlessly with Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

Print Without Ads - We often print web pages packed with adverts. This results in unnecessary consumption of ink and paper. This handy plugin remove ads and flash components from the print copy so that you can get a clean ad-free hard copy of the web page. This plugin only blocks ads on the print copy. You cannot use it to remove ads from a live web page rendered in your browser.

AdvertBan - This powerful plugin is extremely easy-to-use. It can not only block ads, but can also remove popups, spyware and different types of cookie trackers. You can even configure different filtering settings for different websites that meets your personal preference. Its filtering database is automatically updated to give the most comprehensive protection from unwanted ads, spyware and cookie-based trackers.

PageTweak - As the name implies, this plugin trims web pages for speed removing ads and flash content. It also implements certain techniques to block or improve certain web elements that speed up page download speed. You can also use this plugin for downloading video files embedded in any web page. It can also be used to strip off too many social media buttons embedded in certain web pages.

Ad-blocker for Gmail - Gmail users must install this useful ad-blocking plugin to get a cleaner and productive email dashboard. It works with new Gmail interface and removes all kinds on adverts shown within Gmail's web interface. You can tweak and adjust certain links and content section width through this plugin. This plugin is automatically updated whenever there's some change in the underlying CSS code of the Gmail interface.

Updated Ad Blocker - This popular plugin effectively blocks all kinds of adverts from each web page visited by you. It can also block Google Analytics tracking script, if required. This ensures that webmasters cannot track your visits to their websites. It has a large user base and works quietly in the background without consuming much system resources.


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