How To Merge Multiple Google+ Accounts Into One Account

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If you're maintaining several Google+ accounts and thinking about merging them into one primary account, you can do it easily through Google Takeout. Generally, freelancers, professionals and marketers often open multiple accounts on Google+ which are quite similar to each other. Sometimes, these accounts are opened in hurry and introduce redundancy when it comes to content sharing and view exchange. This is a perfect situation for account merger to reduce clutter and increase productivity. Several other popular social networks provide account migration possibilities to close inactive or irrelevant accounts. With this new facility, Google+ users get a reliable way to transfer their connections to their target Google+ account. I've tested it with 3 Google+ accounts and found it very handy and easy-to-use.

Things to consider before migrating your connections

Every account migration process is a delicate task and affects both the account holder and its connections. Before you start your Google+ account migration process you must consider several important things so that you do not regret for your decision at a later stage. These factors carry more weight because the entire migration process is irreversible and you cannot restore original connections once it is initiated. So here are some of the most important factors that must be pondered upon before you try to use this powerful Google Takeout option.
  • Ensure your account connections are aware of the migration - This is one of the important considerations to avoid any kind of confusion among connections in your source account. You must announce your intentions of migration to your friends' network through a public post in advance. This will help you retain all your important connections even after the migration as they'll be well aware of the new destination account.
  • Prune your circles to remove irrelevant connections - This is very important step that must be completed before the transfer process is activated. The reason is quite simple. You have a maximum follow limit of 5000 connections in a single Google+ account. While merging connections of two accounts, you must purge irrelevant or inactive connections to ensure you don't consume your 5000 limit for stagnant or undesirable accounts.
  • Backup your source account data - You must use this data export option to save your posts, updates and photos before migration takes place. In case, you later decide to keep the source account active, you can be sure that none of your important data is lost from it. Even if you delete your source account, still archiving your source account ensures you can refer to a piece of information present in your old account at a later stage.
  • Use weekend for transferring connections - This applies to almost every similar task like tweaking and updating of websites, web host transfers and various kinds of account migrations. Since weekend brings less activity of users, you can afford to transfer your Google+ connections without missing any important updates from your friends' network.

Account migration and its associated effects

Now that you have considered all the factors discussed above and have finally decided to initiate the migration process, you should be aware of some of the conditions that will arise when the actual process will be in progress. First, I'll talk about the limitations imposed while using this migration tool.
  • 7 days locking period - First important thing that you must know is the 7 days waiting period after you initiate your transfer request. Google+ doesn't complete the migration instantly, but waits for 1 week before triggering the migration process request. During this 7 days period you can reconsider your request and if you change your mind, you can go ahead with cancelling your request. This is a smart move by Google+ team as lots of transfer requests can be made in haste by the users.
  • 6 months usage frequency - The second important restriction imposed by this tool is its usage frequency. You cannot use this tool every other day from the same account continuously. Every user can only use this tool once every 6 months from the same source account. This restriction ensures that no one abuses this handy feature.
Google+ connections migration

To begin the migration process, head over to your Google Takeout account and start with clicking the link below Circles stating about transferring your connections to a different Google+ account. This will bring you to a page for selecting the source and destination accounts. If you're already logged in a Google account, that account will be automatically selected as the source account.

source account for Google+ migration

Once your source account is finalized, you must enter a valid email address of the destination Google account. Make sure that account already has an active Google+ account with the same name as in the source account. If both these conditions are not met, your migration request either will be turned down or will not be completed at all. After authorization of the destination account you can submit your migration request.

destination account for Google+ migration

Your submission will queue it for 7 days for transferring the following elements of your source account. Entire Google+ circles, connections, blocks and ignores database. This migration utility doesn't transfer your post, updates and photos from source to destination. If you want them in your destination account, you have to do it manually. Remember, once the migration process starts, you cannot stop or cancel it and it may take up to 24 to 48 hours for the whole process to be completed. During the migration process, both source and destination accounts may experience limited accessibility with good number of features disabled so that there is no hindrance or conflict during the transfer.


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