5 Quick Tips To Get More Out of Facebook

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Almost every avid web surfer has used Facebook at least once for connecting with his peers and friends. We spend considerable amount of our time on this popular social networking website. Generally users are quite happy with the default settings and navigation pattern for their daily engagement and information sharing activity. But there's much more hidden in menus and popups that can make your Facebook experience much better and fulfilling. These settings help you increase your visibility as well as give you more flexibility to share your content more effectively with your network. These quick tips also allow digging deep into your news feed content to find the exact information you're looking for. So let's get started and see some of the common yet unused Facebook tips that can help you in getting more out of your Facebook account.

Sort News Feed Content

Every Facebook user navigates his news feed with default setting enabled automatically whenever you log in your account. This default setting ensures that you get the top stories of your feed to avoid missing important information. But large numbers of users are unaware of the second option available for sorting news feed content.

News feed sorting options

To access these options, simply click the 'sort' option available on the top right side on your home news feed. This gives you two sorting options. One is the default option of getting top stories from the news feed. While the second option presents your news feed in reverse chronological order to get the latest updates on top. This option is useful is scanning important updates in reverse order of their publication time.

Hide Application Activity

There are thousands of Facebook applications used by millions of users. Every Facebook user generally uses several useful applications as per his requirements. These applications post different types of content on your wall that appears in your friends' feed.

Hide app activity in news feed

Sometimes, these application updates are annoying as they flood your news feed leaving less room for other useful updates. This can happen from a specific account or from multiple accounts. Now you can stop an application activity on account basis or at the application level. Simply click the arrow button on top right on the post and you'll get two options to stop activity of any application. You can either opt for blocking app updates from a specific user or you can simply block the entire application activity, no matter from which account it is happening.

Control Updates from a User

Every Facebook user has a different posting frequency that distinguishes it from another. Some are extremely active throughout the day posting dozens of status updates while others just prefer one or two updates. At the receiving end, users tend to avoid certain kinds of updates and prefer to get the best content from their network that is closely related to their interest and activity.

Control updates frequency

From the same update menu, you can choose the kind of updates you want to receive from a user. You can either opt to receive every single update from a close friend, or you can choose to receive all important updates from your peer. And lastly, you can also opt for receiving only important updates from a noisy Facebook account. This gives you the flexibility to prune your news feed activity to avoid junk and unnecessary updates.

Control Notification Emails

Active Facebook users often are overloaded by tons of notification emails in their inbox that sometimes hinders your normal workflow. The remedy to this situation is turning off these single individual notifications and replacing them with a concentrated summary-type notification email consisting of only important updates and happenings.

Control notification emails

You can enable this feature easily by going to Account Settings → Notifications tab. Once you select the check box shown above, individual notification emails are stopped and you get a single concentrated notification digest consisting information about important updates and activities. This setting is extremely useful for those account holders who receive large number of notification emails in their inbox.

Fine Tune Chat Visibility

This is one of my favorite settings from which I was unaware for long time. If you're addicted to chat on Facebook but often go offline due to flooding of messages from large number of online friends, you can use these chat visibility settings to block unwanted chat updates from selective accounts.

Facebook chat settings

To access these settings, open the chat window and go to chat Options → Advanced Settings... and open the dialogue box shown above. This gives you three flexible options to control your visibility for chat. You can either opt for remaining invisible to everyone, or you can choose to remain visible to selective friends. The third and the most useful option allow you to remain visible to the entire friends' network except some of the accounts. These chat visibility settings give you an option to control who can chat with you and who cannot.


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