10 Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand and Search Engine Presence

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As an individual, you always want to dominate the first page of Google search results for queries related to your name and brand. This can be a difficult especially if you have a common name used by large population on this planet. Still, you can employ different kinds of unique and effective techniques to boost your presence on popular search engines as well as for creating a brand value throughout the web. These simple yet effective techniques not only makes your presence felt on all major platforms, but also helps in elevating your entire brand image to give boost to your identity. Although these techniques are not that hard to implement still it takes some time before you start to see the positive results. All it takes is careful planning and implementation with a lot of patience. Let's see these useful techniques one-by-one to help you get a boost for our personal brand and business.

Be Active on Major Social Networking Websites

In the beginning of this century, spending time on social networking sites was considered time wastage. Things have change completely within a decade and a strong social media presence is a must to reach maximum possible audience. But, you must carefully select these social networking websites to avoid spending your energy on irrelevant or ineffective platforms.

You must create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Profiles from these accounts are prominently displayed on search result pages giving you the required boost to your brand name. Creating the profile alone doesn't solve the problem. There are two major aspects related to building your brand through these social media accounts.

First, you must ensure that you've completely optimized your profile pages with ample information, links and graphics to kick start your connections with your potential network. Most individuals fail to optimize their social media profiles resulting in poor growth and visibility. Secondly, you must actively engage within respective platform's ecosystem in every possible way to attract maximum possible fans and followers. You can take help of various 3rd party clients and social media tools to elevate your engagement activity to the next level.

Start Your Own Personal Blog

This is one of the best ways to build a strong personal brand on web. Consider starting a personal blog comprising of a static front page containing your optimized portfolio supplemented with posts and targeted landing pages.

If possible, use your own name domain name for your personal blog. This gives a massive boost to building your presence on search engines. If you're struggling to design your personal blog and don't know how to go ahead with it, here are some of the best examples of killer personal blog designs that can help you get some inspiration.

Some people prefer to create a single page personal blog that consists of short biography along with details of expertise and links to other websites and social media accounts. I'll strongly suggest you to add regular content on your personal blog apart from the front portfolio page. This not only attracts more followers but also boost your blog's rankings in search result pages.

Create a Dedicated Author Page Wherever You Contribute

If you're regularly contributing on several websites, you must ensure that each one of them have your dedicated author page. This also includes proper configuration of rel="author" attribute to claim Google authorship on search result pages.

This gives a huge boost to your online presence and also adds credibility to the content generated by you. Since Google displays a thumbnail image of the author and the associated Google+ profile link within the search results, you get more exposure and visibility for your personal brand as readers' can know about the person behind the content they're consuming.

Start a YouTube Channel

Large numbers of people aren't aware of the power YouTube gives you to reach thousands and thousands of people and that too in quick time. Create your very own YouTube Channel and create some engaging videos related to your brand or service.

You can hire a professional to design couple of videos for you. This can give the required initial push to attract subscribers for your YouTube channel. Once you pick the momentum, you can regularly come up with more useful video series to build up massive audience giving you the required visibility. YouTube videos links are prominently displayed within search results and are considered to receive higher number of clicks compared to general text-only results.

Create and Share Slide-Based Presentations

This is yet another popular way to build your personal brand. Companies and individuals often create presentations in the form of slides and distribute it for free on popular slide hosting websites. These websites have large number of followers who're looking for informative slide-based content relevant to their domain.

There are large numbers of presentation and slideshow services that can be used to gain more followers for your brand name. Quite similar to other content forms like text and video, slideshows are also included in the search result pages receiving higher number of clicks from the visitors.

You must ensure that each presentation must contain web-optimized slides and the number of slides in each presentation should not be very high. You must choose a service that also provides slide subscription facility so that readers can receive your slide-base content automatically and can share it with their peers and friends.

Guest Blog on a Regular Basis

Nothing gives you faster results than guest blogging when it comes to instant exposure to new set of audience. Large number of bloggers, marketers and businesses are using it effectively to connect with new audience and to expand their visibility.

You must create a guest blogging strategy that fulfills your primary objectives. Search for relevant websites and blogs and send your best stuff to share with their readers. This will you give you new readers, new subscribers, new backlinks and above all it will increase yours and your brand's visibility on the web.

As I mentioned earlier, you must ensure that you get a proper Google authorship markup on all the guest posts. Several companies and individuals have grown at a rapid rate solely because of targeted guest blogging campaigns.

Arrange Your Interviews on Relevant Websites

This one is bit difficult initially; especially you're not a popular name within your domain. But there are several ways to get interviewed to gain more exposure and visibility. The easiest way to get started is to announce your intent for the same.

Include your desire and availability on your social media profiles and on the about page of your websites. You can also start with sending interview queries to some of your peers and friends who're willing to publish your interview on their blogs and sites. This will give the initial push to get more interview requests in the future.

Inclusion of interviews in the search results builds your brand and credibility as readers see you as an authority within your domain. Remember, giving media interviews is an art and it comes with experience. Here's an excellent guide that will equip you with killer strategies to give impressive media interviews to build your reputation.

Comment and Engage With Community

Some consider it an old method of connecting with people, but it is still very much effective and brings good results if done in a right way. Create a list of popular blogs with good audience that regularly receive constructive and engaging comment threads and regularly participate in these discussions.

Sometimes, comments on popular and big blogs are included in the result pages giving your the required exposure. It also helps in connecting with like-minded peers within the community creating new friendships and bonds.

Make sure you do not spend too much of your time in this exercise. The best way is to decide on the number of maximum comments you will make on a set of blogs. Timing is also very important while commenting on blogs. Choose mid week mornings and evenings to get most attention of the community participating in the comment threads.

Try Link Baiting

This is one of the unique methods to boost your visibility in quick time. It is not always successful, but is worth trying. Link baiting is more like an art than a skill. All you need is a killer piece of content consisting of a pinch of humor, controversy or some breaking news to attract attention of the readers.

If done correctly, this can lead to massive traffic as well as tons of backlinks. Before you go ahead with creating your own link bait, you can check out some of the popular link bait examples to help you get started. If you're successful in your attempt, you'll get tons of exposure overnight.

Create and Distribute eBooks

Building personal brand through eBook creation and distribution is quite prevalent these days. Choose a popular topic that shows your expertise and write a small eBook about the same. Offer this eBook free to your readers and subscribers.

This is a kind of viral marketing where your fans and followers distribute your eBook to their network creating a snowball effect giving you massive exposure in quick time. Make sure you include links to your targeted websites and profiles within the eBook. You must also take care of releasing your eBook under a proper Creative Commons license so that nobody alters the content without proper attribution.

You can use several free and premium eBook creation software applications available on the web. You can try each one of them and can select the best one that meets your requirements. Once your eBook is completed, send it to your friends and peers through email to kick start the distribution campaign. Prominently highlight the availability of your eBook on your websites and social media accounts.


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