Introducing Digg v1 - A Better Content Curation Engine

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Since Digg's fall after the introduction of version 4, people were anticipating slow death of once a powerful and popular social media service. Its power users fled the platform and migrated to different social media services leaving a big void that introduced gradual decline in readership and traffic. After much silence, finally Digg is back with a bang. A new team of developers have completely revamped almost every aspect of Digg giving it a fresh and new look. Now the big question is - Is it going to crack the ice? Things have changed a lot from the time Digg used to rule the social media world! The initial impressions suggest that it will get a steady start and will definitely attract good number of social media users. So let's take a tour of new Digg v1 and see what has changed in it and what it has on offer for new as well as old Digg lovers.

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Completely New Code Base

Instead of working on the existing code and infrastructure, its developers have written an entirely new code base with new infrastructure. According to the engineers, the new code is much more fast, optimized and is developed keeping in mind the current trends and developments. New Digg system has a much small infrastructure (compared to version 4) with an even smaller developing team. Since it is rewritten from scratch, addition of all the obvious and anticipated features will take some time.

Minimalistic and Fast Interface

Although broadband speeds are increasing with each passing year, speed and minimalism is the norm today. That's what the new Digg offers to its users. There's no splash on fancy colors loaded with tons of heavy page elements. The entire interface is minimalistic and renders extremely fast on all modern browsers. This is going to be one of the deciding factors in raising Digg back to its old days once again. I'm not sure what technology they're using at the back-end, but the entire browsing experience is unobtrusive and soothing to eyes.

New Voting/Scoring System

Digg v1 scoring systemUnlike old Digg voting system dominated by handful of power users, new Digg system has come up with entirely new scoring system that determines the positioning of stories on its front page. The new system combines Diggs, tweets and Facebook shares to assess and compute the popularity of any submitted story. It also includes some other system data to refine the positioning and popularity. This appears to be a much better scoring system as it's more organic in nature. This setup is not entirely automated as the key members (moderators) of Digg team inspects and evaluates submitted stories through machine-assisted system to place stories at appropriate position on the front page. Since tweets and shares on Twitter and Facebook are part of the scoring system, it's less prone to scamming as both social media platforms are quite strict on banning and suspending spam accounts.

NO Advertisements and Sponsorships

This is a big relief for Digg lovers as the new Digg team is committed to avoid any kind of advertisements and sponsored content on the entire website, at least for the time being. It will be interesting to see how Digg will come up with new ideas of generating revenue from the existing setup. The new Digg is absolutely uncluttered due to absence of advertisements and that's one of the reasons it will gain attention of new user base. The decision of keeping it ad-free clearly suggests that the new Digg team is quite serious in putting every effort to make this new version a grand success.

Future Plans

This is just the beginning as Digg will come up with new additions along with integrating some old stuff for old Digg users. Following are some of the additions that will be worked upon to bring new features to the platform.
  • Digg API - As I mentioned before that it's a complete new code base written from scratch. Digg team is committed to bring a powerful API for third party developers. It may take some time, but eventually it will debut in the coming months to facilitate deep integration with other tools and services.
  • New commenting system - At present, there's no commenting support on Digg v1. But the Digg team is working on the same and is committed to bring a robust and intuitive comment system for the users.
  • New account registration system - At present, users can only use their Facebook accounts to log in to new Digg. Developers are working on a strong and diverse account system that will be much more secure, flexible and feature packed than its predecessors.
  • Support for historical user data - There's tons of user data accumulated over years in the old Digg system. Digg team is working on a system that will enable old Digg users to easily extract, read and share their old data (shares, comments, votes, submissions) in an easy way.
Have you visited the new Digg website? If not, take a look and see what's in store for you. Tell us what you liked or disliked in the comments below.


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