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How to Create a Killer Google+ Business Page

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Google plus written on a wallNow that big brands and organizations have joined the Google+ platform, you cannot afford to stay out of this popular social media platform. If you're still waiting to join this fastest growing social media network, you're probably making a big mistake. Google+ business pages are one of the most important elements to get connected with your customers and followers. Creating a new Google+ page just takes few minutes, but optimizing it fully may require some effort to completely leverage the visibility it offers to the businesses. These optimization techniques ensure your business page is good enough to attract new fans and is able to convert followers into returning visitors. So let's get started and learn to optimize some of the key page elements that are so vital to the success of your Google+ business page.

Google plus written on a wall

Pick the Right Page Category

While creating a new Google+ page, you'll be asked for selecting the category for your business page. Carefully select the right group to ensure your page is indexed and categorized in the right domain so that it can appear in the relevant search results on the Google+ platform.

Google+ page category
Correct categorization ensures it's showcased in the most relevant search queries whether in the regular result pages on Google search engine or in the real-time search results on Google+. It also helps new visitors in instantly recognizing the domain or area of expertise a page falls under.

Set Your Company's Logo as Page's Profile Photo

The next important step involves uploading of page's profile picture. For personal Google+ pages users can upload their own photos, but for a business page, the best candidate for a profile photo is - company's logo.

Google+ page profile photo

You may also design a custom profile photo that must include your company's logo to let people know about your brand, the moment they land on your business page. The dimensions for profile photo are 250 x 250 pixels. Anything larger than this will be cropped automatically to fit the space dimensions.

Invest In Getting an Awesome Cover Photo

Every Google+ page offers big profile cover photo space to let you showcase your expertise, skills and the services offered by you in the visual form. The dimensions of a cover photo are 940 x 180 pixels. This is big enough to include a lot of useful stuff within the image. Remember, the right part of cover photo hides behind the profile photo as shown below.

Google+ page cover photos

You must design your cover photo in such a way that that hidden part is not included in the entire design process. The examples shown above showcases some of the intuitive ways businesses and individuals have used the real estate to make a strong connection with their followers. You must ensure that you're not including links to websites or other spammy call-to-actions within the cover photo. Do not hesitate in hiring a professional designer to create a killer cover photo for your business page. You can also try out this excellent online tool to create stunning Google+ cover photos within minutes.

Fill Tagline and Description

These two fields are two of the most important Google+ page fields that must be filled as soon as the basic page configuration is completed. The tagline is prominently displayed just below your page name. You can use your company's business tagline or motto for this field.

Google+ page tagline and description

The description provides detailed information about what your company is all about and the services or products you offer to the customers. You can also use hyperlinks and bullet lists within the description field to make it more appealing and attractive. You can also use bold, italic and underline attributes to further make it more sticky and legible.

Verify Website URL and Official Email Address

Google+ gives an excellent option to get your business website and official email address verified. This adds credibility to your business page and people are assured that they're visiting the original company page.

Google+ page verified email and website

To verify your website, simply link back to your Google+ business page from your homepage. Once you do that, within one or 2 business days a verified icon appears beside your website's URL as shown in the image above. Similarly, you can ask Google+ to send the verification email to your official email address to get it verified as well.

Get Your Business Page Verified

Google also offers page verification for businesses to avoid followers connecting with fake pages. You can use this form to request for verification of your Google+ business page. Once your page has been successfully verified, it gets a verification badge right beside the page name.

Before you go ahead with the verification request, make sure your page is updated with all the complete information and has decent number of followers. Although Google+ is not clear about the numbers of followers needed to get page verified, but a five figure count is good enough for going ahead with a verification request. You may have to submit photocopy or scan of some key business or identification documents to prove your association with the company or business.

Add Links to Your Social Media Accounts

You must also add links to other social media accounts on the 'About' tab of your business page. This way, you can gain followers to and fro across multiple social media accounts to stay connected with your customers in every possible way. Make sure you do not flood the links section with dozens and dozens of links. This not only looks spammy but also confuses the followers.

Get Vanity URL for Your Business Page

Now Google+ also offers vanity URLs for business pages. You must secure your company's vanity URL for getting a user-friendly link that can be easily remembered by everyone. While creating a vanity URL, you must cross-check for its correctness as a slight mistake can ruin your attempt at getting a correct URL.

The URL format shown above is not only more memorable but will also play a big role in SEO in the long run. For better readability, capitalize each word within the vanity URL. Although this URL format is not mandatory it certainly makes the entire URL more legible.

Add Page Managers (if any)

If you're catering customers around the world and have a good number of page followers, probably it's time to add some page managers that can keep the page activities alive 24 hours a day.

Simply go to page settings and add the page managers by inviting them through email. All page managers must have a valid Google account. Make sure you delegate management capabilities to your employees on the basis of their location. This way they can update and answer fans questions and queries in different time zones.

You must mention about all the page managers in the about page along with their full names and the associated signatures (initials preceded by a caret symbol) they're going to use while posting the updates. This not only creates a transparent atmosphere but also facilitate the identification of the manager with whom a follower is interacting.


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