10 Best Cases For iPhone 5

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With a bigger screen, iPhone 5 is one of the few smartphones having large resolution with a crisp display. This large screen makes it more prone to dust and accidental breakage. The best way to protect your iPhone 5 is using a good case that not only shields it from external dirt but also makes it more durable and long lasting. There are large numbers of options available for users, but only a handful of cases give you the best protection. I've selected some of the best cases that are designed for iPhone 5 and are filled with lots of useful features. You can select one of them that matches with your exact requirements. Almost all of these cases are water resistant and can be easily washed to keep them looking new and fresh. Check out this collection and see which case is best suited for your new iPhone 5.

Bear Motion iPhone 5 CaseBear Motion (TM) Premium Flip Folio Case - This frame less flip case is among the top iPhone 5 cases that are designed with precision. It is made with premium leather that makes it durable and long lasting. It uses advanced adhesive silicon technology that keeps your iPhone intact within the case and does not leave any kind of stain on the phone. It's available in black color which is one of the most popular color options for smartphone cases. Since this case doesn't have any frame, you can easily fit it inside pocket. It also makes the entire handset look more streamlined and attractive. If you're a fan of flip-style cases, then this one is the best for your iPhone 5.

Kayscase iPhone 5 caseKaysCase Slim Hard Shell Cover Case - Large number of users prefer transparent hard shell cases for their smartphones. This case is made from high quality polycarbonate plastic material that makes it durable and washable. It doesn't put any kind of stains or scratches on your phone. It's thin and non slippery that gives you comfortable grip on the phone even in humid weather. Despite covering the entire phone, this case gives you complete access to all ports and interface elements in a seamless manner. It is available in 7 different colors, but my favorite is the transparent version that lets you showcase every single element of your phone.

Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper CasePhotive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case - This robust case is made from UV coated hard polycarbonate frame that is best suited for users who frequently travel and keep their phone on rugged places. Its unique fitting around edges gives complete protection from bumps and shocks. This case is extremely lightweight and adds almost negligible weight to your phone. Its UV coating doesn't let your phone heat up even if exposed to long duration direct sunlight. This case doesn't leave any kind of mark on the phone even if you don't remove the cover for very long period. While using accessories that need connector, you never have to remove this cover as it has accurate cut outs at important places to use all the ports and jacks very easily.

splash CRUISER Slim-Fit Polycarbonate Slider Casesplash CRUISER Slim-Fit Polycarbonate Slider Case - This case is made from soft-touch polycarbonate material that provides extra strong grip to prevent accidental drops. The finishing of this case is extremely smooth that lets you slide it in and out of your pocket with ease. It is available in several colors and also with a combination of belt clip holster. Like other popular polycarbonate cases, this one also lets you access all ports and buttons without any hindrance. You can easily wash this case without any worry whenever you feel its looking bit rusty. The smooth finish doesn't let dust settle down on the external layer of this durable case. Good numbers of users generally purchase such types of cases in multiple colors and change it on weekly basis for a cool effect. And since this case is available in six different colors, you can change it on every weekday to show your friends and peers.

Ionic SLIM Slider CaseIonic SLIM Slider Case - This funky iPhone 5 case is available in 4 different colors and is one of the most stylish cases. Its unique rim gives your complete protection from accidental front face drop. The rugged back cover gives a strong protection to the entire handset. This case is washable and is scratch-proof. Its vibrant and bright colors make it an ideal choice for use in parties, functions and general public events. Its hard back cover also lets you place it on rugged surfaces without any worry. Black and purple color cases for this model are very popular among users. Visually this covers seems bulky, but in reality it’s extremely lightweight and gives you good grip. As I mentioned before, its front face protection feature makes it a popular choice among college and university students.

EMPIRE New Apple iPhone 5 / 5G Silicone Skin CaseEMPIRE Silicone Skin Case - This soft, flexible and extremely durable case is made from specially treated silicone that is completely safe for general usage. This excellent case is waterproof, moisture proof, mold resistant, corrosion resistant, oxidation and fire resistant. This makes it long lasting that goes on for years without any damage. It's also scratch resistant and is extremely lightweight. This case also has a front protective rim that saves your phone from damage by accidental drops. This case also saves your iPhone from shocks as the material used is flexible and spongy. It is one of my favorite cases because of its durability and flexibility.

Poetic Atmosphere CasePoetic Atmosphere Case - This translucent case is made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane and is extremely lightweight. It has rims around both back and front edges that protect your phone for damages that may inflict due to accidental drops. This case also has customized volume control buttons that makes volume adjustment extremely easy. It's scratch resistant and washable too that makes it long lasting. Elevated knobs on the corner of this case protect it from scratches and stains. This also lets you put your phone easily on uneven surfaces without any worry. A rim at the rear end made especially for camera protection ensures that your iPhone's primary camera remains in good condition without any kind of damage. Due to dual rims, this case gives you very firm grip that minimizes the chances of drops.

i-Blason Slim Fit Air Jacket Casei-Blason Slim Fit Air Jacket Case - This beautiful case has apple logo protection film at the rear end that makes it look more professional. Its polycarbonate covering is completely scratch proof and is very lightweight. This case comes with a durable screen protector that makes it a complete protection unit for the entire handset. It comes with multiple colors choice which can be customized as per your preferences. All the ports, buttons and sockets are easily accessible due to precise cut outs. I'll prefer this case because it has both protective case as well as screen protector combined into one package. This case is washable, moisture proof and doesn't put any kind of stain or mark on your phone's external surface.

iLuv Overlay Translucent Hardshell CaseiLuv Overlay Translucent Hardshell Case - This lightweight and extremely durable case is perfect for users who regularly place their phone on different rugged surfaces. Its hard shell protects your phone from inadvertent drops. It has extremely smooth finishing yet it's not slippery at all. This case can be removed and reattached very quickly since it slides very easily on the handset. You can easily access all the phone controls without any need to remove it. Its light grey and white color gives it a professional look and is ideal for professionals. Its sides are uniquely designed to give you a firm grip of the phone. You may combine this case with a good screen protector to give you a complete ultra-light protection for your iPhone 5.

INVELLOP PINK SLIDER caseINVELLOP PINK SLIDER Case - This beautiful pink slider case is very popular among teens. It has a metallic stripe at the rear end for better grip while talking for long time. It is available in several bright colors which can be changed very easily. This is one of the cheapest cases available for iPhone 5 but in no way it compromises with the quality. Users generally buy all its colors and change the case frequently to impress their friends. This case is also washable and doesn't put any kind of stain and scratch on the phone's surface. Front folding rim protects its screen from breakage. Since it is not pricey, it is sold very quickly and is considered best seller on various online stores.


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