How to Remove Noise and Clutter from Your Facebook Account

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There are thousands and thousands of Facebook users who often complain about information overload whenever they log in their account. Avid users who're trying out almost every single feature available on Facebook are mostly overwhelmed with notifications and messages. Fortunately, this can be controlled very easily through some of the important settings and by taking simple precautions. All you need is a simple strategy to filter out junk and to concentrate mostly on relevant and important information coming from various sources. While applying these techniques to remove clutter from your account, you can experiment and can customize each setting to suit your requirements. Remember, your effort to clean your Facebook account is only as effective as your effort to practice safe and legit social networking principles.

Customize Access Permissions for Unused Applications

Facebook applications not only extend the features available in your Facebook account, but also present new ways to share and exchange information with your friends' network. But these applications can also flood your account with unwanted junk.

Facebook apps settings

To avoid unwanted updates from some of the applications, you must either restrict permissions for posting on your wall, or you can completely remove the application from your account. Almost every month, I visit apps section of my account and scan for all the unused and junk applications. This greatly helps in reducing the clutter as well as in keeping your account more secure.

Customize Your Visibility on Facebook Chat

Another noise source that can fill your inbox with unwanted private messages is Facebook chat. At times, you may not want to chat with some of the noisy accounts but hesitate to say to them. In such situations, either you go offline or you may try ignoring messages from these accounts.

Advanced Facebook chat settings

But you have a better solution, thanks to advanced settings available for Facebook chat. I use it for limiting my visibility to select group of friends as shown in the image above. You can use it in a different way by using the first option where you are visible to everyone except some noisy friends. The best way to use this feature is to first create a Facebook list and then using these lists to allow or deny access to your chat visibility in one go.

Exercise Greater Control over Photo Tagging

Have you ever experienced cluttered news feed with tons of tagged photos from your friends' accounts? In fact, this can happen to your own account too. Everyday billions of photos and illustrations are tagged by Facebook users. Large numbers of these tagged photos are a source of unwanted junk on users' news feed.

Facebook photo tagging settings

The best method to fight this kind of spam is to review all photo tagging attempts. Through your account's privacy settings, you can easily turn on these restrictions which prevent direct photo tagging unless you approve it. If every Facebook user experiencing lot of photo tagging spam uses this feature, we can get a much cleaner news feed devoid of any kind of junk.

Fine-tune Group Notifications

If you're a member of several active Facebook groups, you can get overwhelmed by notifications in no time. Sometimes, these groups become a major source of spam by users promoting their products and services. Somehow group administrators are unable to tackle with this situation.

Facebook group notification settings

But, you can easily adjust the volume of notifications you receive from your most active Facebook groups. You can either completely switch of these notifications and can rely on manual visits, or you can opt to receive notifications only for those posts which are made by your friends who're part of that group. If you feel that a group is just of source of unwanted messages, you can simply leave it to cut down the amount of spam generated in your account.

Completely Block Unwanted Apps

In the first section, we discussed about the applications used by the account holder and how to restrict their access permissions. But, at times, we are bombarded by unwanted updates from those applications which are used by our friends' network. Various game applications are most frequently a source of annoyance choking news feed with their continuous updates.

Facebook App blocking

The best way to counter this spam is to completely block these applications through your account's privacy settings. You can unblock these applications easily at a later stage if you decide to use them for your account. App blocking is an extremely effective way to prune your news feed and for reducing the number of unwanted updates. Make sure do not block an application already used by you on a daily basis.

Customize Updates Visibility to Stop Unwanted Comments

Facebook users with large and active friends' network often face a tough situation when they receive tons of comments for every single update. Unless you're a public figure, it's your obligation to interact with as much commenters as you can. But, it's not just about receiving large number of comments for every single update. It's also about who is leaving comments on which update.

Facebook post visibility settings

Sometimes, you want to post an update that's very personal and is only relevant for close friends and relatives. In such cases, public update may attract unnecessary comments from noisy accounts. A simple solution to this problem is to customize the visibility of your Facebook updates. Create lists for your close friends, family members and similar other important groups. As shown in the image above, whenever you post an important update that doesn’t need public access simply customize its visibility before you press the post button.


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