8 Essential Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

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Facebook business page is a fantastic medium to connect with large number of potential customers. Its reach is truly global giving you enough opportunity to leverage the wide reach of this massive social media network. While designing a Facebook business page, we often create custom tabs for different segments of audience. These custom tabs are like a backbone of any business page on Facebook. Today, we're going to discuss about some of the most essential custom tabs that can bring more leads for your online business. These tabs can be created easily through different applications available easily on the web. Custom tabs discussed here are the most common and successful ones used by large numbers of businesses on their pages. You may use different applications to create them, but the goal of each tab category is more or less the same. So go ahead and use them on your business page for gaining more leads with minimum efforts.

Welcome Tab

This is the first custom tab, a new page fan sees immediately after liking the page. Generally, it is hidden from users and not following your page. The content of this page should be designed very carefully to let new users start the engagement immediately after landing on this page. Following are some of the essential elements of this page.
  • Welcome note - This is quite obvious, still some newbie designers fail to come up with an appealing welcome note for the new fans. You must use custom large fonts combined with relevant illustrations to create an impressive welcome note.
  • Website links - Welcome note should be followed by links to all important websites related to your business. This includes URL of your primary website and blog. You must also include address of all other social media accounts.
  • Subscription facility - A handy email box with strong call-to-action for subscribing to your official blog updates should be present on the welcome tab. This is a perfect way to grow your email list entirely made of potential customers.
  • Links to other custom tabs - And last but not the least, you must include links to other custom tabs to divert new fans for browsing and finding more goodies available on your official page.
There are several free and premium solutions for creating a custom tab for your page. Check out these 5 excellent applications that can help you make a good welcome tab for your new fans. You may test all of these applications on an unpublished test page to find out their unique features and shortcomings, if any.

Subscription Tab

This is yet another important custom tab so necessary for every business page. One of the goals of a Facebook page is to increase the number of subscribers for their sales funnel and business updates. You must create a dedicated tab solely for providing optimized sign up forms for your page fans.

If you're using premium email marketing software, most probably they'll help you out with this, but if you want to create your own custom solution, you can find several applications for the same. You can use this excellent email signup application for your subscription tab. The free version is good enough for most users, but if you want to connect the signup forms with your premium email marketing software, you can do so easily through its PRO API.

Giveaways & Sweepstakes Tab

Who doesn't love free gifts? Almost each one of us loves to get free goodies from everyone. Smart businesses use this human psychology to build strong following on their business page on Facebook. While creating such type of tabs, you must ensure that only page fans are allowed to access these freebies.

You must also ensure that your sweepstake tab is fully optimized for mobiles and tablets as large number of Facebook users access this popular platform from mobile. You can use this powerful Sweepstakes custom tab application for creating an alluring sweepstakes tab made solely for distributing freebies to your loyal fans.

There's one more thing you must take care of while designing a giveaway tab. It should completely adhere to Facebook guidelines else you may risk losing your account. Complying with these guidelines is very easy and all it takes is your awareness and your willingness to abide by them.

Content or RSS Tab

Business pages often syndicate their website or official blog's content on their Facebook page. The regular way to disperse this content is in the form of normal page updates with links to the actual content web page. Another way to let your fans consume this content is creating a dedicated content tab that generally pulls articles through a RSS feed.

Remember, while creating this custom tab, do not pull the primary feed of your blog else it may defeat the purpose of creating a separate subscription tab. You must pull selective or category-based content for your fans to let them consume the select content that is normally not accessible on your blog.

You can use this popular RSS tab application for your Facebook page to disseminate selective content for your fans. You may create a separate category for this content so that you can easily generate a unique RSS feed link for it.

Social Media Tab

Although your business page resides on one of the most popular social media platforms, still you must connect your Facebook page with other prominent social media destinations where you're as active as on your page. This helps you not only gain more followers across different platforms, but also helps you connect and serve them in a better way from multiple locations.

The most popular social media tabs generally seen on business pages are Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Depending on your business requirements, you may choose to deploy a different tab. It's all about what clicks for you and how effectively your business leverages a particular platform.

Photo Gallery Tab

If you're not including this custom tab on your business page, you're missing a powerful way to connect with your fans. Business events, new product launches and general awareness campaigns generate lot of photos that are perfect for sharing with the community.

There are several good photo gallery applications for Facebook pages that can be used for a custom photo tab. Some of these applications also support customizable slideshows with integrated social sharing options to ensure maximum visibility. You must ensure that this tab is regularly updated and the albums are properly segregated with appropriate titles and descriptions.

Videos Tab

Several businesses manage to pull massive numbers of followers simply by providing tons of useful and informative videos to their followers. They use a dedicated video tab for showcasing their video stream through several external services like YouTube or Vimeo.

If you're recording high definition videos, you must trim down their size so that fans with slow connections can also view them conveniently. Whenever you upload new videos to the tab, make it visible on the page bar for some time so that it can get more eye balls. Instead if simply naming this tab as 'Videos', try something innovative to divert the attention of your readers.

Products or Services Tab

I'm discussing about this tab at the end of this post, but it is the most important tab among all. The goal of each business page is to get more customers. This demands a dedicated tab made entirely for showcasing all the products and services offered by you in an effective way.

To make this possible, you must include a custom HTML tab to display your products in the desired format. Designing this tab is bit tricky and you must hire a professional to come up with a unique and attractive solution that converts well. You must also integrate a reliable payment gateway within this page so that your fans can buy your services and products without any need to leave the page.

This tab should be among the primary tabs that are always visible to fans as well as to non fans. You must keep this tab updated to remove discontinued products and to include new products.


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