How to Pimp Up Your Blog's Comments Section

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Blackboard with white chalk writingNo matter what blogging engine you're using for your blog, comments area is an important part that lets you connect with your readers. It's one of the most important sections that are often neglected by the blog owners. Adding more features to this section both in terms of functionality and looks can significantly improve the engagement level on your blog. This can help you build the community around your blog in no time. We're going to discuss various options and techniques that can make your comments section more attractive and comment worthy. It's not necessary to implement all the discussed features, but you can certainly choose select features that may work best for your blog. If you're on self-hosted WordPress platform, you have countless extensions and apps at your disposal to completely change your dull comments section.

Blackboard with white chalk writing

Activate Support for Rich Text HTML

A lot of readers often want to format their plain text comment while writing a long text that includes bullet lists, quotes or links. Generally, themes have limited HTML tags availability in the comment box. To facilitate easy text formatting for the visitors, you must add a rich text editor within the comment form to allow visitors decorate their comment in a way they want it to be.

Instead of directly adding a text editor within a comment form, some bloggers prefer to enable support for additional HTML tags and notify users through a simple message to use these tags. It's up to you which option you want to implement on your blog.

Allow Social Logins for Posting Comments

This is an era where almost every internet user is active on various social media networks. That's why websites, portals, and blogs tightly integrate social features to attract more visitors from these networks. One simple way to do that is to integrate social log in within comment section so that users can leave their comments through their favorite social media account.

This allows them to quickly leave their views on your posts without any need to fill in email and name. This helps in receiving more comments and also enables you to offer more options to your readers. Make sure you also keep the native comment form in active state so that users who prefer the old way can also express their views.

Enable Threaded Comments

While installing your blog, make sure you've enabled thread comments to streamline conversations in a better way. This helps in triggering useful and engaging discussions as each thread is uniquely identified due to its proper alignment. The nesting level can also be customized so that you can decide on the length of the threaded conversation.

Generally, nesting up to level 5 is good enough for general comment threads. Anything above that can make a long threaded comment compressed and illegible. While enabling threaded comments, make sure you change the color scheme such that each nested comment gets a slightly different color as compared to the parent comment.

Integrate Video Comments

Several blogs also support video comments for their community. This gives each visitor a new way to interact and express his thoughts. There are several ways to integrate video comments on a blog. One option is to host these videos on an external service and the second option allows you to host videos on the same server on which the blog is installed.

The latter option should be only implemented if you have a fairly powerful dedicated server. While activating video comments, you must ensure that users have the facility to directly record their views from their webcam so that they can instantly leave their opinions.

Add Comment Rating System

Visitors often want to rate your blog post or the comments left by other readers. To offer this facility, you can add a robust star rating system on your blog that allows each visitor to give a proper rating to comments and posts.

You must customize these star rating systems to match with your blog's theme else they may look like a clutter. If you experience a lot of negative ratings on your comment threads, you may consider deactivating it all together. You may accompany this rating system with a sidebar widget that can feature most rated comments or posts.

Use 3rd Party Comment System

Although native WordPress comment system is quite robust and flexible, still it lack is some areas when it comes to adding bells and whistles. Fortunately, there are several good 3rd party comment systems that can be easily added to your blog. These comment systems have tons of features that can be leveraged to build a thriving community around your blog.

While installing any 3rd party comment system, make sure you've saved all the native comments on your blog so that they can be easily imported into the new system. Almost all of these comment platforms support import and export of comments. You can also customize these comment systems to blend them in a better way with your theme.


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