How to Pull Massive Traffic from Pinterest

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It's not just the three social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but there are other platforms as well that can bring tons of traffic for your blog. One such popular service is Pinterest. It's like a massive pond of linked images that can be shared, liked and appreciated by the community. If you haven't yet included it in your social media marketing strategy, it's the right time to take a plunge. We're going to discuss select techniques that can bring decent traffic towards your blog from Pinterest. You never need to have massive following to pull traffic from this amazing platform. All you need is optimized pinning strategies that penetrate deep into the community resulting in steady traffic flow towards your blog. It's all about images that speak. Check out these important optimization tips that can make you a power user on Pinterest.

Create Niche Specific Boards

Once you've created your account and have completed your profile, start with creating pin boards related to your blog's niche. Instead of selecting generic topics, drill down to sub-topics and create targeted boards covering all major sub-niches. The example shown below covers smartphone accessories, whereas the primary topic is technology. This strategy ensures that all your broads are highly targeted towards select audience who're looking for relevant images.

Pinterest board

While creating a board, make sure you take care of some of the most important things for maximum visibility and relevancy. These optimization tips will help you market your pin board more effectively not only on the Pinterest platform but also on external websites.

  • Relevant & unambiguous title - The board title should be chosen very carefully as it is used to tell about its content at a glance. Make sure you also include keywords in it to optimize it for internal searches as well as for search engines.
  • Brief & meaningful description - Sometimes, even an optimized title creates confusion that can be removed through the description. Use it to clearly specify the type of content that will be included in it.
  • Appropriate category - This is the most important setting that must be used intelligently while creating a new board. Wrong selection of category can ruin your all efforts and may dry up the traffic completely. Carefully choose the matching category to get more eyeballs from qualified audience.

Use Custom Images for Your Pins

If you really want to make it big, you can do two things for getting more attention for your pins. These two strategies greatly optimize your pins for maximum attention and likes. First, you must understand that both the strategies we're going to discuss needs a custom image made especially for a pin. Make sure this image has the most optimum size that is best suited for the pins. Second important thing that needs your attention is call to actions within that image. It can be simple text, speech bubbles, arrows or a similar element.

Custom image

This greatly improves and optimizes the image ready to pull attention of all the viewers. Now, the next thing is to seed this image with your pin. It can be done in two of the following ways.

  • Manually upload custom image - The best method to pin your content is uploading the custom image manually and supplying all the necessary details before pressing the button. This way, audience gets the optimized image with proper title and description that leads to more likes and sharing.
  • Make custom image the first one in your post - Another clever tactic is to use your custom image as the first photo in your blog post. This way when the readers will pin your post, the first optimized image will be automatically used for the pin.
You can also use infographics as custom images for your pins. They're used liberally on Pinterest and are well known to pull massive traffic once your infographic powered pin goes viral. Remember, instead of relying on default images present in your content, it's always wise to create custom images for all your pins. The time spent in creating these images is worth it and you'll never regret the effort spent in creating these pin boosting elements.

Use Pin it Button Intelligently

Needless to say, presence of a Pin it button is essential for letting the traffic share your content on Pinterest. But the placement of these buttons matters the most. Generally bloggers use bookmarking widgets that renders these sharing buttons at predefined places around your content.

Pinterest buttons

But this is not what we need. The best place to place a Pin it button is right below the custom image in your blog post. This is known to trigger more shares on Pinterest and you get much better results compared to regular button placements through social sharing widgets. If you cannot place these buttons below the custom image, you can use some of these best Pinterest tools to improve your content sharing on this popular platform.

Connect & Spread Your Pins over Facebook & Twitter

If you're already active on Twitter & Facebook, things get better and better. Simply connect both these popular platforms with your Pinterest account and let the magic happen. This way, you can easily share your boards and pins with your friends' network on both Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest integration with Facebook & Twitter

Make sure you do not overwhelm your news feed or tweet stream with too many pins else it may backfire instead of giving some extra traffic to you. You must keep check on the pins and boards you're going to share on both these platforms. You may create a dedicated Pinterest tab on your Facebook page and can stream your pins on that tab without flooding your fans news feed. The possibilities are infinitive and you just need to come up with new sharing ideas for your pins.

Create Theme-based Weekly Pin Boards

This is yet another smart strategy to not only keeps your existing Pinterest followers glued to your pin stream but also to pull more eye balls from the community. You can start creating new boards every week centered on a particular topic. You may announce this through a simple pin or through your Facebook and Twitter account. This way, you can attract new audience for your fresh and new boards.

While making these theme-based boards, make sure you have some content ready to be pinned for the fresh board. Keeping it empty for some time after creation is only going to lessen its impact. Use mid week days to create and share these weekly boards to leverage the maximum traffic available in the peak times.

Use Internal Search to Find Relevant Boards & Users

Large number of Pinterest users never uses a powerful feature present on this awesome social media platform. It's the search box present on the top left side of your account. It can be used to find pins, users and boards from within the entire Pinterest ecosystem. Savvy users generally use it to find like-minded users.

Pinterest search

This way you can quickly grow your friends' network with targeted following of users with matching interests. It can also be used to follow the most relevant boards that match your blog's niche. This way you can use content present in these boards for your own boards and can establish strong relationships with the board owners.

While using the search feature, you must include multiple words within a single phrase in double quotes. Do this searching exercise on a weekly basis and follow and share the awesome content found through this medium. This will not only give more content and pins for your existing followers, but will also let your create new bonds with lots of active users on Pinterest.


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