10 Unique Ways to Use Wolfram Alpha

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Wolfram Alpha homepageWolfram Alpha is a powerful computational engine with continuously growing database about different fields and domains. Different segments of users query about a wide array of topics on this powerful information engine. Students use it to complete their homework, scientists use it to perform complex mathematical calculations and housewives use it find new recipes. General users can use it for several important tasks that can make their daily lives easy. I'm going to present some of the most useful ways to get relevant information from this powerful engine. All you need is raw data that should be provided in a correct way to get all the benefits. Smart users can experiment and can find new ways to find more useful information from this knowledge powerhouse. So let's get started and see how to leverage this unique knowledge engine for solving our problems.

Wolfram Alpha homepage

Random Number Generation

We often need to generate random numbers for various purposes. Students may need it for using it in their studies and online businesses may utilize them to declare a winner in a fair manner. Whatever is the case, generation of random numbers has always been a problem for common users.

Random integer between 1 to 500

You can easily get random numbers for your desired range through this powerful engine. The range can be small as well as can be extremely large. All you need is the typing of minimum and maximum threshold as shown in the image. The minimum range need not start with one. You can start the minimum value with any digit and it will only take the given range for coming up with a random number.

Historical Events within a Specific Year

This is one of my favorites. I often want to know about the main historical events occurred in a particular year. Students will find this facility extremely helpful as it gives an almost complete list of all major events occurred in a specific year.

Major historical events in 1985

To know about these events, simply write 'Events in [year]' in the input box and it will fetch those important events instantly. You can also specify the start and end date to know about important events spread across multiple years. This is very helpful for history students and also for individuals working in various domains related to historical data.

Social Analytics

Social media enthusiasts are going to love this feature added to this computational engine. Now you can easily get a detailed report about your Facebook account through Wolfram Alpha. It will not ask for your password and will only access your account data in read-only format.

Facebook fiends relationship status pie chart

To get this detailed report, type 'Facebook report' in the input box which will divert you to an OAuth authentication page to connect and fetch your account data. The report generated by this engine is exhaustive and contains tons of information that no other service can provide you. The pie chart shown above is just a small part of the entire report. Through this report, you can get some very useful insights about your reach, activity and your friends' network vital traits.

Powerful Dictionary

Large numbers of netizens use this engine as a dictionary. But, if you look carefully at the results, it's much more than a simple dictionary. Apart from giving the regular definition and meaning of a word, it also presents you with tons of data associated with that word.

This data includes historical frequency, broader terms, synonyms, inflected forms and much more. This is greatly helpful for literature students who're doing higher studies. You can also use it for finding more information about abbreviations and popular phrases. You can also combine different words in a single query to know the relation and usage for both the words.

Forthcoming Astronomical Events

Another interesting use of this information engine is querying about various astronomical events that are going to occur in future. For example, if you want to know about complete or partial lunar eclipse that is going to occur, you can get that information very easily.

Information about next solar eclipse

You can also find out the information about all the eclipses that are going to occur between a fixed duration in future. The information provided not only gives you the date but also tells you eclipse duration and its visibility on the globe from where people can see it clearly. Enthusiasts can also query about other celestial objects through this powerful information engine.

Nearby Retail Shops Location

Do you want to know all the retail locations of your favorite chain? Well, this engine can do that too. Simply provide the retail shop name and the location and you'll get all the nearby location of shops along with their address, phone number, and their presence on a traffic map.

location of apple store closest to Madison square garden

You can also find prices of products and can compare it with different brands through Wolfram Alpha. You can also find out the opening and closing times of popular retail chains in your area. If you're short of money and are traveling in an unknown city, you can quickly find the nearest ATM location for a specific brand. This makes this engine a very useful tool for frequent travelers.

IP Address Lookup

Another useful query for programmers, developers and publishers is the usual IP lookup facility. Type the IP address in the search box and you'll get all the information related to that IP address. You can also provide the domain name instead of IP address to gather all the relevant details associated with that domain.

IP lookup

You can also gather useful information related to top-level domains and all the ports used in computer systems. These queries are very useful for web programmers and network engineers. You can also compare data related to two or more domain names in a single query. This is perfect for spying on vital data related to the domain name of your competitors. You can also know about your own location through a simple query.

Heath & Medicine Database

I'm always amazed at the fact that Wolfram Alpha stores such vast amount of information for almost every domain. If you want to know about your weight loss regimen, you exercise schedule, calories burned or about your correct body mass index, you can do so very easily through simple queries. You can also query about medicines, their properties, composition and their effects on human body.

Calculation of calories burned in exercise

You can also gather a vast amount of information about most common diseases and how to avoid them through a healthy living routine. I generally use medical queries for finding information about medicines I give to my family members. As usual, you can also gather historical medical data related to your locality to know about prevalent infections and diseases that are active in your locality.

Inquiry of Road, Railway & Flight Schedules

Travelers who love to go around the world throughout the year will love Wolfram Alpha's capability to provide latest in-depth information about railway, road and airlines schedules. The information provided by the engine is adjusted according to your local time zone so that you can complete your preparations in time.

Flight schedule query

You can also query about gasoline prices at a particular location so that you can adjust your budget accordingly before moving to that city. Apart from schedules and timings of various public transport systems, you can also gather general data about the state of roads, tunnels, underpasses and several other pieces of information about the infrastructure of a particular city or country. I use this facility frequently to know about metro timings in my area.

Time & Weather Data

Large numbers of users use it for knowing about the weather conditions in their area or in a particular city. You can query about temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed and many more variables to get accurate information about weather for a given period of time.

Weather report of Tokyo

You can also gather historical weather data about a particular city and that too of a specific date back in time. This gives you very useful insights of weather trends across multiple years and how they're changing with the passage of time. You can also get the extended weather forecast for a larger period to prepare in advance if you're planning to move to that area. You can also do time zone calculations and real-time date & time details for any location on the globe.


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