5 Useful IFTTT Recipes for Web Developers

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IFTTT recipe listI've been using IFTTT service for receiving alerts of important emails from my clients. It's indispensable and extremely useful for me. Every custom solution created on IFTTT is known as a recipe. There are thousands and thousands of users who always come up with useful and interesting custom recipes for the community. Today, I've shortlisted some of the handy IFTTT recipes that are extremely useful for web developers. You can either use the default configuration for each of these recipes or you can easily customize them to create your own unique solution. I use 3 out of 6 solutions presented here and found them extremely helpful in reducing my workload. Account creation for this service is pretty straightforward and takes less than a minute. So, let's see how freelancers and web developers can benefit from these productive and automated solutions.

Email attachments to dropbox IFTTT recipeEmail Attachments to Dropbox - Web developers often receive important attachments in their emails containing various kinds of media files from clients and peers. The old way of segregating and saving these attachments is the regular manual method of saving them first on the desktop and then uploading them to your favorite cloud storage service. The better alternative is this IFTTT solution that automatically retrieves attachments from selective emails (based on search criteria) and thereafter uploads them to a specific location within your Dropbox account. You can supply your own search criteria and the location of the folder in your Dropbox account to match with your exact requirements.

Amazon Web Service status updates IFTTT recipeAmazon Web Service Status - Large number of webmasters and bloggers are now using AWS storage services for hosting their websites and portals. As a web developer, if you're using various static resources on your AWS cloud storage account, you can use this useful IFTTT recipe for checking its status. It is configured in such a way that whenever there's an issue or an outage, you immediately get an SMS on your preferred phone number about the same. This solution regularly scans various online resources to keep track of AWS service status and immediately triggers an SMS whenever things appear abnormal. You can also suggest this solution to your clients so that they can monitor their accounts on their own.

Links to Google Drive spreadsheets IFTTT recipeLinks to Spreadsheet - Web developers often scan resources on web to help them build a better design for their project. Some of these resources are so valuable that you want to keep them saved forever. Simply bookmarking these links is not a concrete solution as you may use another system or may change your web browser. This custom solution lets you save all your important web links in a master Google Drive spreadsheet. You can open this spreadsheet anywhere regardless of the system or web browser you are using to access it. While configuring this solution, you can provide the folder path where you want to save the web links spreadsheet.

WordPress Gigs IFTTT recipeWordPress Gigs - Freelancers and web designers who use WordPress as their primary content management system will find this solution extremely helpful in finding new projects and clients. As the name suggests, this IFTTT recipe regularly scans for jobs & projects listings related to WordPress and automatically sends you an email about the same. This way you can easily analyze and grab those projects by responding in time and ahead of other people. You can also configure this solution to only looking for projects that are nearby your residential area. You can also add additional keywords to the search to look for other kinds of projects. This will give you more opportunities to identify and apply for different freelance projects.

Web Design Resources to Evernote IFTTT recipeWeb Design Resources to Evernote - I've used this IFTTT recipe for long time and it has helped me in keeping track about current trends of web design technology. This custom solution keeps track of all web design related submissions of delicious social bookmarking service and forwards them to your Evernote account. In other words, you can track all web design related happenings and trends directly from within your Evernote account. Intuitive users can create multiple triggers to track submission streams related to various topics of web design and related technologies. You can specify what to store from the delicious submission and in which notebook within the Evernote account.


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