How to Get More Followers on Google+

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If you're active on Google+ and still struggling to get more followers, probably you're not using all the options and features available on this popular social media platform. This also includes your entire approach and general marketing strategy to connect with like-minded people. Getting followers on Google+ is not that hard provided you effectively leverage the tools and features at your disposal. Some of these techniques and methodologies discussed here are very common and obvious, while others are devised and optimized with passage of time. No matter what strategy you're going to adapt, spending time on consistent basis is the key to get benefits from the solutions discussed here. So tighten your seat belts and get ready to fly high on the fastest growing social network ever. Before we start, here's my Google+ profile where you connect with me.

Scan Friends of Friends Circles

This is one of the most effective strategies to quickly increase your Google+ followers. It is most likely that lot of friends in your network matches with your interests and business. This essentially means that good percentages of followers in their circles are also inclined towards the same interests. Instead of looking here and there, straightaway select immediate friends matching exactly with your interest or niche.

Scan their friends list one by one and pick those who're fit enough to be your potential clients, subscribers and followers. Circle them or leave a message on their profile stating your intention to get connected. Initially, it may consume your time, but the results will be excellent. Set a target of scanning and selecting 25 profiles within your friends' circles per day. This way you can get large number of followers in few months.

Use Google+ Follow Suggestions

Quite similar to other social media networks, Google+ also has an inbuilt feature that suggests other profiles that matches with your interest. These suggestions are based on your profile information, your general activity and the type of content you share and exchange with your existing friends' network.

Regular usage of this feature brings in more targeted suggestions letting you choose from a larger set of similar profiles. I generally use this feature on weekends to connect with select profiles that have matching interests. To get better suggestions through this feature, make sure you Google+ profile is complete and your updates and posts are targeted around a specific niche.

Import Email Contacts

Now this is yet another quick way to get decent number of followers on Google+. You can easily import all your contacts from popular email services like Hotmail or Yahoo! to know who else among your friends are already on Google+. This way you can quickly connect with them without searching for their profiles all day long.

If you have large number of contacts within your email accounts, this methodology is the best way to increase your followers' growth. Connecting these email accounts with your Google+ account is completely safe as you either use OAuth system or you're diverted to the email service log in page for verifying and importing the contacts. The more email accounts you connect, the more profiles you'll find to get connected. I've imported dozens of contacts from 3 primary email services to build my initial circles when I opened my Google+ account.

Use Google+ Advanced Search

It's no surprise Google+ has a powerful search engine that gives you real time results for a given query. You can use this feature to find followers and friends on this platform. It's extremely flexible giving you several options to filter out results that fit your search criterion. While searching for matching profiles with whom you want to connect, select 'People and pages' option as shown in the image below.

Google+ search

For example, if you want to connect with civil engineers on Google+, simply type that query in the search box and select 'People and pages' option. This way, only profiles and pages having that keyword will be displayed in the result stream. This way you can quickly shortlist and can connect with like-minded people. This feature can be used at the weekends when you have enough time to scan through the search results for selecting the right profiles.

Use Hashtags and Profile Tags

If you're an avid Twitter user, you must be already familiar with hashtags. Those who're not, they can think a hashtag as a linked keyword or key-phrase prefixed by a # symbol that can be searched across the entire social media network.

While posting updates on Google+ use the relevant keywords as a hashtag to increase the visibility of your post. All hashtags are picked up by Google+ search bringing more eyeballs for your updates. This way more and more people can know about you and the probability of getting more followers increases significantly. Similarly, use profile tags to link your friends profiles within your updates so that they do the same giving you more exposure and visibility on their respective streams. Both these techniques help you in connecting with more people as your updates are visible to more and more Google+ users compared to an ordinary post devoid of any kind of tags.

Be Interesting and Share Useful Stuff

This is one of the best ways to attract more followers. If you're sharing useful and interesting stuff on your Google+ stream, you're bound to get more reshares and +1's. The more your content is shared and cited, the more your profile gets exposure. This leads to more befriending and connections that increases your followers count.

Make sure you keep the prime content and other useful stuff for weekdays so that it can be shared and viewed by more and more people. Do not forget to thank everyone who is sharing your updates to their friends' network. Whenever you get new followers, scan their update stream and share some content from it. This will open doors for getting more followers as your new followers will share your content as well.


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