10 Best iPhone 5 Apps for Web Developers

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The sheer volume of iPhone applications makes it very difficult to choose from dozens of similar types of applications. If you're a web developer, you can find hundreds of applications for your iPhone. Some of these apps are free while others are premium solutions. We've compiled a collection of 10 best apps for web developers who're using iPhone 5. These applications will help you get more out of your web designing process. I've tried to include almost all types of apps that will aid in your work. I'll also mention my favorite apps from this collection that have helped me immensely while maintaining blogs for my clients. Almost all of these applications can be used both on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Although, it's not necessary to install all these 10 apps, but I'm sure you couldn't resist installing some of the apps mentioned here.

HTML cheat sheetHTML Cheat Sheet & Tags - The name itself tells how useful this application is for web developers. It's not just the HTML cheat sheet that can be accessed through this app, but you can also find tons of other information directly related to web designing. This includes character sets, URL encoding information, different HTTP status message descriptions and much more. You can also find information related to HTML tags and attributes to confirm their exact implementation and behavior.

Potable XML File ViewerXML Viewer - If you try to open XML files through safari browser, they're displayed as plain text file. It's very difficult to analyze and read XML code in this format. This app is specially designed to read XML files with lots of added features. While opening XML file through this app, you'll get syntax highlighting out-of-the-box. It also indents the entire code for better readability. If you're viewing a large XML file, you can also use its powerful search feature to find the exact code you're looking for.

Pinging a websiteWebmaster Tools Pro - This is an all-in-one solution to check the general health of the website and web server that's hosting your designed site. You can use ping tool, port scanning, response headers, whois query and several other tools through this app. Just provide the address of the website and select the appropriate option to get started. You can also find IP address and DNS information very easily through this application. This app is lightweight and works smoothly without any glitch.

Decimal numbersNetwork Ping Lite - As the name implies, this powerful app can be used to diagnose several kinds of network problems. But the most important feature present in this app is the facility to use a telnet shell to directly log in your web server. This enables you to do routine maintenance tasks directly from your iPhone. You can also trigger traceroute queries through this application. Enthusiastic users can also find out the IP address used by your iPhone if it is connected to the internet.

Font editing appFont Dresser - This handy application lets you edit and create custom images or banner for your website. You can either save the edited fonts in an image file or you can directly mail it to your colleagues. This app has over 100 fonts that can be customized by applying different attributes to get the desired results. The editor is very user-friendly and also works in full screen mode. You can also save your work copies directly in the galleries in your desired image format.

Mobile Opera browserOpera Mini Web Browser - I've used mobile opera browser for long time and this is one of my favorite apps. Although you can use safari browser on your iPhone, this browser is must for web developers as it lets you test website both in desktop mode as well as mobile mode at the same time. It is also known to open web pages much faster even on a slow connection. Its powerful compression system saves your bandwidth while testing your web design again and again.

Website testing toolkit appWeb "Swiss-Army-Knife" - This powerful application is generally used to diagnose and troubleshoot problems on the web server. As the name suggests, this useful app includes several tools to analyze response headers and various kinds of HTTP requests sent to the server. You can also perform HTTPS look ups to identify bottlenecks that may affect the performance of any website. Web developers can also use this tool to easily analyze response code and header information in real time to optimize and improve the overall design and code.

Color palettePalettes Pro - If you're designing lots of web pages with generous amount of color schemes to be used in various page elements, this app can help you manage, create and use custom color palettes with ease. It has an impressive user interface through which you can not only create custom color schemes but can also get color codes in various formats to be used in your design process. You can also import or export your custom palettes from the application through email or you can directly save your color scheme data on popular cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Fonts appWhatTheFont - This popular application is used by several web designers to find out the font present in banners or graphics. Manually, it's almost impossible to correctly find out the type of font used in an image. But this app makes it quite easy. It uses the intelligent font recognition service which is either accessed through a Wi-Fi connection or through regular mobile internet to deduce the font present in the image. Once the font is recognized, you can see all the details about that font instantly.

Seo appWebsite SEO Checks - This is yet another application that's in my favorites list. It is extremely useful in monitoring a website's key performance, analytics and SEO metrics on the go. The interface is extremely user-friendly and provides all the information in an easy and simple manner. This award winning application is must for those web developers, who're maintaining several websites for their clients and need to report and present site data regularly to their customers.


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