6 Best Firefox Plugins for Google Maps Users

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If you're an avid user of Google maps, at times you may have felt the need of this useful service while browsing other websites. Users have invented intuitive ways to use Google maps and they often use it in a completely different way other than the standard way of browsing the primary Google maps website. Generally, it is accomplished with the help of a script or a browser plugin. I've handpicked some of the best Firefox plugins that uses Google maps for providing useful features to get more out of web. You can use them on a daily basis while visiting general websites and can benefit from the features supported by each of these plugins. While installing these plugins, make sure you're downloading them from the official Firefox plugin repository. Advanced users can extend these plugins by finding new ways to leverage the available features.

Google Map

Google Maps Saved Locations - As the name implies, this useful plugin adds a powerful location data saving feature to Google Maps. This is very handy for students, travelers and researchers. You can also export and import your maps saved location across two different Firefox browsers. It's not just the map locations, but you can also save custom labels created by you. This way you can literally store your entire maps browsing history through this plugin.

This powerful tool adds a 'Saved Locations' tab to the native Google Maps interface to easily manage your saved locations database. You can also customize the size of the database container that governs how many locations can be stored at a given time.

Quick Maps - This popular plugin is used by large number of users due to its handy feature. While browsing websites, we often want to know the exact location of the addresses mentioned on different web pages. This plugin lets you quickly view the location of address on Google maps without leaving the web page at all.

Simply right-click the mouse button and click 'Search with Quick Maps' option. This opens a popup within the page displaying the location of that address on the globe. You can also mark location names directly within the map. This valuable plugin is a must have for you if you frequently check locations of addresses on the web.

Map This - This is a strong challenger for the plugin mentioned above. Quite similar to 'Quick Maps' plugin, this handy plugin also lets you find locations of addresses on the maps. It supports both Google and Yahoo! maps. You can activate one of them at a given time.

While browsing a web page, simply right-click and choose the 'Map This' option and you'll be presented with the location of the address in a map in a separate popup. People generally use it to get driving directions as it is extremely fast and almost accurate in providing address details. You can also customize the start location through its system settings so that you can start the address lookup from the same place whenever you open this plugin in a new browsing session.

FromToGMAP - If you're a traveler, then his plugin is made just for you. It tells you the distance between two addresses mentioned anywhere on a website. You can get the distance both in kilometers and miles. It also gives you an idea about the fuel consumption between the routes. You also get a direction map within a popup to easily understand the entire route between the two addresses.

People who frequently travel between two cities will find this plugin very handy. It also supports parameters dialogue box for providing the addresses at the both ends. This makes this plugin extremely flexible as it lets you provide custom addresses that can be provided manually, if required.

3 Maps - People who aren't satisfied with the map results from a specific service and often try to query the same address on different maps services will find this plugin a life saver. As the name suggests, this plugin shows the location of the queried address in three columns on three different maps from OpenStreetMap, Google and Bing respectively.

This way you can easily compare the results and can switch to the best result that fulfills your query. With regular usage of this plugin, you can also get a good idea about the quality of results provided by these three maps services. This way, you can not only get the best results but can also discontinue the use of other services that may be wasting your precious time till now.

Handy Maps - I use this powerful plugin and highly recommend it for regular use. It is used for finding the location of an address anywhere on the globe. This plugin shows the map in different modes viz., classic view, satellite view, street view and much more. The popups and dialogue box provided by this plugin has a nice and soothing interface.

You can also search route between two locations for best possible path that may save your time and money. The handy search box provided by this plugin instantly recognizes the addresses and presents you with the relevant map in your preferred mode. The context menu option lets you find locations of addresses mentioned on the web pages in a quick and easy way.


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