4 Best Ways to Use Pinterest Secret Boards

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Pinterest secret boardsIf you regularly publish graphic content and still haven't joined Pinterest, probably you're doing a big mistake. It's one of the best social media services to attract targeted visitors for your website. With the introduction of secret Pinterest boards, you have got a new tool to do personalized and interesting things with this popular social media platform. Every account holder gets a maximum of three secret boards with tight moderation controls. It's interesting to see how your peers, friends, and clients use this powerful feature to get more out of Pinterest. As the name implies, secret boards are only visible to their owner and to the members of these boards. So what's the use of these boards? How we can benefit from it? Here are some of the best tips and best practices to completely leverage the features associated with these secret boards.

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Store Your Private Photos & Albums

This is the most common and obvious reasons to use Pinterest secret boards. If you have a big collection of private photos, you can arrange them within a secret board with ease. You can even invite your family members and relatives to contribute to that board. Even if they do not contribute to the board, they can access and view your private albums in a secure way.

Family's private Pinterest boardI'm sure large numbers of Pinterest users are going to use one of the three available boards for their private photos. Since you get the almost unlimited amount of space, you can use this private board for creating a large family collection where all your relatives can contribute and can cherish the memories.

Share & Discuss Project Material with Clients and Peers

This is one of the best ways to use Pinterest's secret boards. Freelancers and developers can use these boards to collaborate and share project images and illustrations with the concerned person at the other end in a secure way. Since every Pinterest board inherently supports comments, you can also get feedback about the uploaded project material in an easy way to refine or replace the current version.

Project photos private Pinterest boardThe re-usability factor associated with these boards also makes them a perfect choice for sharing project material in a private way. Once a particular project has been completed and you start a new one, you can easily rename that private board and can invite new members to the board deleting the old ones. This way you can use a single secret board for multiple projects very easily.

Create a Collection before Public Release

This is yet another powerful tactic to boost your Pinterest account's popularity. Theme-based boards are often the primary source of traffic for websites. Generally, we make these public boards from scratch gradually filling them with relevant photos. But, in some cases, we don't want to release a theme-based board to the general public until it is populated with enough illustrations.

Theme-based private Pinterest boardThat's where a secret board comes handy. You can use it to create a secret theme-based board that can be nurtured over time. When you feel it's the right time to introduce it to your account followers, you can make it public getting maximum attention from the visitors. This can instantly popularize your board due to the sheer volume of highly relevant images present in it from the day one.

Train Collaborators before Assigning a Large Public Board

This is yet another intuitive way to leverage Pinterest secret boards. If you own a large and popular Pinterest board, at times you may feel overwhelmed by the notifications and interactions happening through this board. You can lessen your burden by adding some collaborators to the board so that they can share the load with you.

But, before you assign this responsibility to your trusted ones, you must make sure that they are familiar with the working of a typical Pinterest board. That's where secret board can help you train your new collaborators. You can assign your new trusted partners to a secret board made solely for the purpose of training new collaborators. Once you're sure that they're good enough to handle a large public board, you can go ahead with inviting them on that board and can experience seamless division of workload.

Miscellaneous Tips for Using Pinterest Secret Boards

While using a secret board, you must be aware of some of the restrictions and features associated with every such board. This will help you prevent accidental leakage of information. It will also help you in better management of all your secret boards. So let's get started and see some of these important and useful tips.
  • Do not make any secret board public unless you're 100% sure about it. Once a board is made public, you cannot revert back to private status.
  • All the comments, likes and other activities of secret board's members will be publicly visible, once it is made public. So if you've any plans to make any board public at a later stage, comment sensibly.
  • Try to reuse secret boards for different purposes (as mentioned above) since you have only 3 secret boards to experiment with.
  • All the contributors within a secret board can repin the content to a public board. So, approve the members carefully if you're posting sensitive material on your secret board.


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