5 Ways To Pull Qualified Traffic For Your Website

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Traffic is necessary for the survival of any general website, eCommerce portal or a blog. But is it the quantity of traffic or the quality of traffic that decides the success of any website? In most cases, the latter will give you more business than having tons of traffic that takes no action on your website. There are several good ways to pull quality traffic provided you know about it and apply it correctly. Some of these techniques can bring in leads and prospects in fairly quick time. Once you manage to pull the right kind of traffic, you can benefit from it by diverting them to the optimized landing pages to capture leads and sales. So let's get started and see some of the effective ways to bring targeted traffic for our website. You can apply these methodologies in any order provided you do them in a correct manner.

Keyword Research

One of the powerful tools offered by Google can help you capture highly qualified traffic from its search engine. You can use this tool to find out what people are searching about (related to your niche) on Google search engine. It lets you search for popular keywords and key-phrases related to your domain that people are generally using to find the relevant information.

The result set also contains the search volume for a specific keyword and various other important data to assess the importance of each keyword. You can use this information to create optimized content to grab those visitors who're searching for the exact information you intend to offer them. But, you must also ensure that in the exercise of writing search optimized content; you do not stuff excessive keywords. That will backfire and you may lose your existing traffic too.

Guest Blog on Targeted Blogs

Another powerful way to pull qualified traffic is to guest blog on select blogs related to your domain. This way you can easily reach thousands of potential customers in quick time. Do a thorough research and find out some of the popular blogs that not only accept guest posts but also matches with your niche.

You can also join popular guest blogging communities to quickly find guest blogging opportunities. While submitting your guest posts, instead of linking back to your home page, provide a URL for a custom landing page to get maximum conversions. Thousands of businesses and individuals have used this methodology to quickly pull targeted traffic for their blogs and websites.

Join Tweet Chats & Google+ Hangouts

This is one of the undermined traffic pulling channel that is often ignored by large number of website owners. Live Twitter chats are used by large number of businesses across the world to connect with potential customers. Simply create a hashtag for your business and start interacting with people through it. Fix a weekly day and time to start your live tweet chat session so that more and more people can join it and can know about your services and products.

You can even use Twitter's advanced search to pull qualified traffic for your website or business portal. Businesses are also using Google+ Hangouts On Air to broadcast their customer oriented video feed live both on Google+ and their YouTube channel. This way you connect with large number of prospects in quick time and can divert them to your primary business website.

Leave Meaningful Comments

Several blog and website owners use this methodology to attract good number of targeted visitors to their blogs. How does it work and what are some of the best ways to implement this technique? Well, first you have to choose some of the popular blogs in your domain that attract large number of comments.

Next you have to keep an eye on their publishing schedule so that you can be among the first ten commenters. While leaving a comment, write a thoughtful and detailed comment that adds value to the ongoing debate. And, instead of linking back to your home page, provide a URL to a custom landing page on your website. This way, you will get good number of targeted visitors from different blogs wherever you're leaving such kind of comments.

Use PPC Campaigns

If you have ample budget, you can also try out various PPC (pay-per-click) ad platforms to attract potential customers. I would recommend hiring a specialist instead of doing it on your own. The money spent on a specialist will be recovered easily through the optimized and successful campaigns he'll deliver for you.

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, StumbleUpon Ads and LinkedIn Ads are some of the popular options at your disposal. Start small and gradually inflate your expenditure once you start getting positive results from your campaigns. You must create special squeeze pages for such campaigns so that every visitor is effectively exposed to all the services and products you have on offer.


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