6 Best and Easy Ways to Create Newsletters For Free

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TinyLetter HomepageEmail marketing is one of the potent weapons to build your online business. They are an integral part of any online marketing strategy and provide you an effective way to reach prospects and existing customers. Creating a successful newsletter requires experience. You can either use a premium solution or you can opt for some free alternative to power your newsletter. Today, we're going to see some powerful and flexible ways to create and distribute our newsletter without spending a single dime. Although these free alternatives have some limitations they provide an excellent platform to build and nurture your new email list as well as for gaining experience. Depending on the extent of customization you require for your newsletter, you can choose the best option from the list given here.

TinyLetter Homepage
TinyLetter - It's one of the simplest services to create and distribute your minimalistic newsletters. You can create stunning custom subscription pages through TinyLetter very easily. This way, the signup rate is improved and you are in a position to grow your subscribers' base at a decent pace. It also provides basic analytics modules that let you monitor who's opening your newsletter. Readers can also respond to your newsletter expressing their likes and dislikes. This way an effective two-way communication can be established through this newsletter service. The striking feature of this service is its simplicity without any bells and whistles that make it so easy-to-use.

BraveMailer Newsletter service
BraveMailer - This is yet another handy service to create and send rich HTML newsletters to your email list. It has a user-friendly newsletter creation wizard that lets even a newbie come up with a unique design. It also has a powerful analytics module that lets you monitor all the important statistics related to the performance of your newsletters. Its unified control panel has a nice interface that lets you perform all the tasks related to newsletters creation and delivery from a single place. Its template editing system lets you create HTML themes for your newsletter that can be reused for different lists to save your time and energy.

MailChimp newsletter service
MailChimp - This popular email marketing service provides an alluring free account option. This free plan lets you send up to 12,000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers per month. It has loads of features for almost everything needed to run a professional newsletter campaign. The wizards and editors to design and deliver your newsletter are excellent. While designing your newsletter, you can either choose from the collection of existing templates and you can create your own templates from scratch. It has extremely rich analytics module that can be used on desktops as well as on mobile devices. Advanced users can also use its API for app integration.

GroupMail email newsletter software
GroupMail - My several friends are using this newsletter software to deliver HTML newsletters to their email lists. It has a powerful free version that lets you send newsletters to up to 500 recipients in one go. If you have more than 500 subscribers, you can send your newsletter to all in multiple slots. It has a flexible WYSIWYG editor that lets even a novice user create appealing newsletters in quick time. Its real-time analytics module tracks the subscriber activity with precision to help you gather the newsletter performance data almost instantly. You also get a template library of HTML newsletters to quickly tweak and start your email marketing campaign.

YMLP newsletter web application
YMLP - This web-based newsletter service provides a flexible free plan for up to 1000 subscribers. You can not only schedule your newsletters through this service but can also use advanced mail merge to combine two or more campaigns for multiple email lists. You can also include attachments with your newsletter to let visitors download freebies and gifts. Since it supports inline CSS, advanced users can create unlimited styles for their newsletter templates. Its Google analytics integration is one of the popular features that help users get detailed reports about their email campaigns. You can also segment your email lists very easily through its smart filters.

Flashissue newsletter features
FlashIssue - This user-friendly newsletter creation service provides several unique features like direct Gmail integration. It means that you can send your custom newsletter to your Gmail account from your FlashIssue account. You can also share your newsletter very easily on various popular social media services like Facebook and Twitter. Its free plan has no limit on the number of custom newsletters that can be created by the account holder. You can even add custom headers and footers to your newsletters. It also lets you import content from various sources on the web to easily create a rich HTML newsletter.


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