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8 Best Twitter Apps for Android Smartphones

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Official Twitter app for AndroidI've successfully used Twitter to get more business through lesser-known marketing tactics that works extremely well on this popular microblogging service. The type of Twitter application you're using on your desktop or on your smartphone plays a big role in the success of your Twitter marketing campaigns. For desktop, I use MetroTwit that lets me engage with prospects very easily and in an efficient way. When it comes to using a Twitter app for my Android smartphone, I prefer a fast and easy-to-use app with a good interface. Some of these apps are free while others are premium solutions. Recently, I've tested some of the best and popular Twitter apps on my Android device. I've compiled this list so that you can select one of the best Twitter apps for your Android smartphone in an easy way. If you do not find your app on this list, do share it with us in the comments.

Official Twitter app for Android
Official Twitter App - Without any doubt, this app is the most popular and preferred choice for large number of users. Since it's an official app, you can be sure of its compliance with the Twitter's usage terms and conditions. Its streamlined interface matches closely with the native web interface. You can easily add media attachments with your update through this app. While attaching photos with your tweets, you can also apply various filters through this app to give a more appealing look to the uploaded graphic content. You can also do complete profile and Twitter list management through this app. It also includes support for Twitter's advanced search functionality.

TweetCaster Android app
TweetCaster - This app has one of the best interfaces among available Twitter clients for Android platform. It also has several themes to choose from with multiple widgets support. There's no limit on the number of Twitter accounts you can use with this app. You can also push your tweets and photos directly to Facebook from within the app. Based on your preferences and tweet history; it also provides accurate follow suggestions to grow your network. You can also assign a special color to your own tweets, retweets and the mentions containing your Twitter handle. You can also schedule your tweets through Buffer service from this app.

Plume Android app
Plume - This is yet another gorgeous Twitter app with tons of features. This app also supports multiple Twitter accounts for professional users. It also lets you block tweets on the basis of keywords, users and the applications from which the tweets are coming. It has a smooth kinetic scrolling support that makes the stream navigation, a cakewalk. It also caches hashtags and usernames to facilitate auto-complete while you're composing your updates. It also supports tweet geotagging to let your followers know about your whereabouts while you send an update. It also supports all major photo sharing services so that you can easily add pictures to your tweets.

HootSuite Android app
HootSuite - It's one of the leading Twitter clients both for Android and web-based version with lots of unique features. This app provides you with a useful analytics module that lets you monitor your performance both on Twitter and Facebook. It has a soothing interface with multi-user and multiple account support. This app is best suited for internet marketing and social media professionals as it gives detailed statistics about your Twitter usage and its reach. Like other popular Twitter apps, HootSuite also lets you schedule tweets through a nice wizard. It has a rich notification system to track your Twitter updates with minimum hassle.

Janetter Android app
Janetter - This intuitive app lets you bookmark and reuse custom tweet streams as per your preferences. This helps you in monitoring relevant content on Twitter with ease. This app also has full multiple accounts support. It also lets you define custom functions for taps on tweets to quickly perform the most common actions while using Twitter. This smart app also includes strong filtering abilities that let you exclude content with select keywords or the tweets coming from a specific user. You can also restrict tweets posted through a specific Twitter client. You can also configure it to display photos and tweets in the form of a thumbnail grid for better visualization.

Falcon Pro Android app
Falcon Pro - This premium Twitter app has a stunning interface with lots of useful features. It has an innovative dual sliding menu interface for fast and easy navigation. Its smooth kinetic scrolling is like icing on the cake that lets you traverse tweet streams with ease. It has a real-time notification system to engage with prospects and customers in a timely manner. You can also save drafts for deferred updates and can also zoom large images posted on Twitter. Its unique popular tweets feature lets you view your most shared updates giving you an idea of the type of content your followers like to receive from you. You can also favorite tweets while you're not connected to Twitter.

Echofon PRO Android app
Echofon PRO - This is one more premium Twitter app for Android users. It has a customizable dashboard widget packed with real-time notifications. You can select both light and dark themes to get the best experience. It fully supports threaded conversations for easy engagement and promotion. You can also preview photos embedded in your timeline before opening them in a proper browser. Echofon PRO has full support for multiple accounts with no limit on the number of Twitter handles you can use at one time. It also has background notification sensing for mentions and direct messages so that you do not miss any important update.

UberSocial PRO Android app
UberSocial PRO - If you're a fan of apps having gorgeous interface, then this premium Twitter app is made just for you. It's unique 'Favorite Users' feature lets you create a group of Twitter handles whose updates you don't want to miss. Unlike other apps which filter content for an indefinite period unless you change the settings, this app lets you specify the time till which specific type of content should be blocked from your tweet streams. You can also preview all types of multimedia content through UberSocial. You can also do complete Twitter profile management including profile photo updates. It also lets you view and manage threaded conversations with ease.


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