4 Best Cloud Storage Services for Web Developers

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Amazon S3 homepageInstead of mentioning about regular file backup services like DropBox or Google Drive, we'll discuss about some of the best cloud storage services ideal for web developers to store and use various assets (objects) related to the websites they manage or design. Designers and developers often use these storage services to host different kinds of files (e.g. scripts, images and videos) to host and serve essential content for the websites. Speed and reliability are the two primary requisites for a good cloud storage service. Although there are dozens of cloud storage services, very few are good enough to power the infrastructure of large websites with huge traffic. I've selected the four best services that are ideal for hosting web assets related to your web projects whether it's a small blog or a huge eCommerce portal.

Amazon S3 homepage
Amazon S3 - It's one of the leading and favorite cloud storage services used by professional web developers. The two most striking features of this service are reliability and dirt cheap price structure. This enables even small web publishers to use it conveniently. It's ideal both for small web projects as well as for very high traffic websites. The sheer volume of features is overwhelmingly giving you absolute flexibility in configuring your storage space as per your needs. Here are some of the best features it has on offer.

  • Killer management console - Developers will fall in love with the entire admin interface and the controls within the dashboard of this popular cloud storage service. It's clean, intuitive and very user-friendly. Almost all of the available features can be used and customized directly from within this console. You can manage your account both through a native web interface as well as through an app on your Android device.
  • Simple storage concept - Unlike some other cloud storage services that require complex setup and configuration to store and manage the objects, Amazon S3 has a simple bucket and object concept. A user creates a bucket and stores objects within it. It's that simple!
  • Flexible and secure access system - To make it understand in simple words, I'll use a common example. Let's say you've uploaded a video that will be used on your business website. Scrappers can use the same video on their sites consuming your cloud storage bandwidth. But, you can easily impose a restriction such that only your web server is allowed to pull the video stream from that respective file.
  • Powerful analytics and monitoring system - When the stakes are high, you cannot rely on a service that doesn't alert you about abnormal events in the real-time. Amazon S3 not only provides you with detailed statistics about all the objects and resources in your account but also provides timely alerts of any kind of suspicious or abnormal activity related to your stored objects.

Google cloud storage service
Google Cloud Storage - This is a perfect solution for businesses and developers looking to host their web applications, website objects and massive amount of archived data on the Google cloud. Backed by state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure complemented by the equally strong technical expertise of Google engineers, your data is safe and secure on its cloud. Popular business organizations and startups are using this popular cloud storage service to power their web infrastructure. Following are some of the features included in each Google cloud storage account.

  • Unlimited space and objects - Unlike its competitors who put a cap on the storage space and the number of objects that can be stored within that space, Google cloud storage gives you the freedom to use as much space you want including the ability to store unlimited number of objects. It's ideal for those web applications and high traffic websites that produce massive amount of user-generated data on a daily basis.
  • Robust and a high-speed CDN - It also offers a reliable and very high-speed content delivery network to speed up your websites. Its distributed nature allows you to serve the content to the end users very quickly for providing them excellent browsing experience. The configuration and usage of this content delivery system is very easy and can be activated in no time.
  • Scalable and extremely secure - Whether you're starting small or consuming massive resources right from the day one, Google cloud storage can scale accordingly. This relieves you from the worry of working towards provisioning of additional resources, settings, and configuration as your resource usage spikes. It is also combined with strong security measures to safeguard your precious data from hackers and intruders.
  • Powerful data analysis service - If your business wants to perform complex analysis of the massive amount of data stored in your Google cloud storage account, you can do so very easy through Google's prediction and BigQuery API. This helps you get useful insights about your business and customers that eventually help you generate more revenue from the available resources.

Rackspace cloud file service
Rackspace Cloud Files - It's a well known name for years providing excellent web solutions to businesses and individuals. This cloud storage service is regarded as one of the most reliable, secure and scalable services in its category. It's ideal for web publishers who want to serve a massive amount of static content needed to run their business websites. RackSpace cloud storage offers a very user-friendly control panel that can be used by anyone with ease. You get the following powerful features with your RackSpace cloud storage account.

  • Runs on powerful cloud software - It's powered by popular open-source cloud storage software, OpenStack. It's very flexible and highly scalable cloud storage software that is used by a large number of organizations across the world. Usage of this software ensures that your cloud servers are stable and secure to protect your data in any condition.
  • Integration with a powerful CDN - If you're planning to serve large amount of static data to run your websites, RackSpace offers direct integration with popular and highly reliable Akamai content delivery system. This speeds up your content distribution which in turn results in satisfied customers who're visiting your business website on a daily basis.
  • Flexible API sets - Developers can benefit from a rich set of APIs offered by this popular cloud storage service. This lets you manage your stored objects and applications with ease. It's available in different programming languages and is supported by detailed and easy-to-understand documentation to get you started as quickly as possible.
  • Dedicated support for a managed cloud - If you're looking for a fully managed private cloud for hosting your business applications and a massive amount of static data, you can get all the support and technical expertise for that. The customer only has to worry about uploading and using the stored objects. The back end technical issues are managed by a team of engineers to give you a secure and robust storage cloud that's made specifically for your organization.

DreamObjects cloud storage service
DreamObjects Cloud Storage - And last but not the least is a cloud storage service powered by popular web hosting company - DreamHost. Since the company is already offering large scale web hosting services for years, you can be assured of their infrastructure and reliability. This service is ideal for professional bloggers, freelancers, and web developers. The service offers very flexible pricing structure for your needs and you can upgrade or downgrade to any plan at any time without any hassle. The following features make it one of the best cloud storage services available for web publishers today.

  • Multiple data replications - With DreamObjects, your precious data is replicated several times as soon as you upload it to the cloud. This safeguards your information in the event of any failure and the restoration is extremely fast. Account holders can also do manual data replication for added layer of protection.
  • Scalable cloud - This service uses a popular distributed data storage system called Ceph. It's known for its reliability and scalability. Since the data is distributed across the network in different physical locations, the access is initiated from the nearest location to speed up the data transfer. Adding more storage to your DreamObjects cloud is very easy and it doesn't affect the regular content serving operations at all.
  • Data transfer & duplication to external clouds - This is one of the unique features of this service. Its API is compatible with other popular cloud storage services so that you can easily transfer or replicate your data on multiple clouds in a reliable and secure way.
  • Supports several apps & plugins - General cloud storage users can use several standalone applications and plugins to manage and transfer their data to the cloud with ease. Its DreamObjects Connection plugin is ideal for WordPress users to automate the complete backup of their blogs. This helps you concentrate on managing other types of static content necessary to run your blogs.


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